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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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I can't have new Dreams

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Title: I can’t have new dreams

Many people sometimes think that being blind might have some positive points; for a blind is safe from having to deal with all the disasters and evil of the world…but it is completely the opposite.

Since the light 1st escaped my life, I felt dead, how could I ever imagine the things that would change my whole life? It was shocking and scary to think that no longer would I have to be asleep to be in the darkness. Some might ask themselves, how does a blind dream? (when asleep) : Well we can’t have new dreams for we no longer can see anything; no more images that can fill our mind and spill into our dream channel that is tuned on when asleep. All we can see in our dreams are really just memories…memories are our comfort, but that comfort sometimes is our pain for it constantly takes us to when we could see. During night (if one actually is aware that it is indeed night time) we the blind are subconsciously awake and just thinking…are dreams don’t bring much hope rather it makes us think a lot and fills our body with tremendous stress.

In our sleep we are no longer blind; we can see images start fading in slowly if we allow it…this is the part of our brain that kicks in when having flashes of our memories. It is a real disappointment when we wake up for our chance to see has left once more. It is very difficult to have your life change in a drastic way like this…like in my case; I use to be able to see but that all went away…others are born blind without having to deal with cruel images and reminders that haunt you each day.

I wish many people could understand more of what it is like to be blind not knowing when is day or night, and having no more new dreams…
I miss watching T.V. and watching the sunset…
Life for me will never be fully better or happy for it’s a struggle each day.
Trust to me use to mean something now that word is out of my head…I don’t feel safe!

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