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Kerrie Thomson Kerrie Thomson
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As the man walked...

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soul mates

One day I was listening to some dark choir music when I made up a small poem to match with that song. The poem is based off of the main antagonist of my Saga Of The Legendary Five series (which I already finished Cloudless sky and planning on uploading the chapters up soon), Exodian the god of darkness, and I actually think this poem suits him.

As the man walked,
the houses burned and smashed.
As the man walked,
villagers ran and dashed.
With crimson eyes and pale skin,
the light dimmed as he blinked.
A hairless head and a stitched up mouth,
smiled evilly despite was linked together.

The skies shall plummet with blood and fear.
The seas will rage with anger and turn red.
The flames shall dim and weep with sweat and tears.
The earth will tremble with betrayal and dread.
And the thunder shall lose hope and most dear.

As the man walked.
Soldiers ran to confront him and fight
but only to return with headless necks and stained crimson red.
Many fell and died, losing their powers and might.
As the man walked.

With darkness and evil to his name.
Exodian the dark will rise again.
With blood, anger and madness to his name.
Exodian the man who walked...
Shall rise again...

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