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Kerrie Thomson Kerrie Thomson
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Who am I?

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soul mates

I was on my way from school today and I was sat on the bus. I was just looking outside while everyone was just chatting away when I came up with a riddle like poem. I'm not completely sure if it is a good riddle or not but I did find it slightly amusing somehow. What do you guys think?

I am...

Dimmer than light
brighter than night
warm like fire
cold like ice
slow as a river
fast as a cheetah
calm without a sound
hyper without a single breath
light as a feather
but hard to hold
and cannot be seen. Who am I?


Have you found out what I am?
I am the wind that blows with you.
I am Dim and bright
warm and cold
slow and fast
calm and hyper
light as a feather
but nobody can hold me
nor see me
I am the wind
and that's me.

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