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should there be a space between 'Like Heaven( )it does feel?'

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Scott Huggett Scott Huggett
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A dream come true.

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Their loss.
My soul mate. (Haiku)
My life, My way.
I find her irrisistable.

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soul mates

I sit here in my room
While surgery you go through
As helpless as I feel
There's nothing I can do.

God is in control
His hands you are in
As I start to pray.
I want our lives to begin.

To touch you everyday
And maybe even more
It would be so special
Our love we could explore.

Alone in your arms
Like heaven it does feel
Cuddled up next to you
I'm so glad this is real. 2 comments

I've known you for awhile
It's been 25 years
God put us together
So we can face our fears.

I'm so lost in thought
Can't get you off my mind
You're touch, kiss, and hug
And you're very kind.

I can make you happy
I'll love you as my Queen
Happiness I now have
I've known you since a teen.

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