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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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Something New

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It seems like I met him in another life; a better world, a happier time. We barely knew each other, but we used to talk. He used to gaze at me with his beautiful blue eyes when he thought I couldn’t see him. Then he would turn away again, embarrassed, when my eyes turned his way. I liked him very much, but my opinion of men was shrewd – they were all selfish bastards, they all had something to prove.

My life changed so quickly when I moved to this place. I never saw my primary friends again – I never saw his face. It felt so lonely, starting up at a new school. I didn’t know anybody here, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I was perfectly happy suffering in silence for my high school life. But it was inevitable that other kids would smile and ask me my name, and I would smile back and that would be the start of something new.

But things change as you move up the high school years. People you thought were your friends turn nasty, and you decide you’re better off without them. I didn’t mind sitting alone in the yard for a while. Until I saw another girl all by herself and I felt sorry for her, and picked myself up to sit next to her and that was the start of something new.

But alas, it was not meant to be, I couldn’t really keep friends here. Our argument was over a boy, would you believe, who turned out be just as slimy as the rest of them. I hadn’t trusted their kind before, but now I was even more apprehensive. I had been developing a friendship with a friend of the other girl’s for a while and we became closer than I could’ve imagined. And that was the start of something better.

I was certain I could go through my life without a man, but my one friend from primary school left was determined to make me sick with love before the year was out. She devised a plan to set me up with someone she said I knew. I never thought that the world could be so small that such luck would befall me. Of course I remembered the beautiful blue eyes of the only boy I ever really cared for, my favourite Daniel.

I remember our first date, we went to see Eclipse. Me and my primary school friends are mad Twilight fans, you see, and we just had to see this film together. Daniel tagged along, even though he really hated the series, which he admitted to me later. I asked him why he went then, and he said he went for me. We held hands for the first time, when Bella finally said yes to Edward, and I felt that this could be the start of something destined, like Edward and Bella – fate.

As time passed we grew to love one another completely and shared all of our secrets. Our relationship was something special, something you would only find in a fairy tale. That was what it felt like to me. He always gave me what I wanted and bought me nice things. And I would groan and complain that he was being too selfless, but always he would silence my worries and say: your happiness is the most important thing to me.

And I was so blissfully happy, finally discovering love. All these years and we were together at last. More and more I felt as though we were destined to be with one another. My life was absolutely perfect, and nothing was going to take my happiness from me now. I wanted so much for what we had to never end, and I believed it never would.

And we’re not together now, but that’s just the way life is. It can smack you in the face at any turn, and leave you hurting and rubbing your cheek. I was a fool for thinking I could be so lucky, to have everything in my life come together so perfectly. And now I hold on to that one principle I used to keep so near and think so true: men are selfish bastards, they’ve all got something to prove.

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