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Natalie Leclerc Natalie Leclerc
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soul mates

I wish my boyfriend's family didn't struggle with money.
If I could I would empty all my savings and give it to them.
I love him so much and I want to help but I feel helpless to do so.
I wish I was in the right place to have a child.
A weird wish I know, seeing as how I am nearly 21 and wanting to give birth,
but I have always wanted to become a mom.
More than a career path or anything.
A stay at home mom.
Unfortunately in this economy that will be unlikely.
I wish gas prices would go down. Because if they go up anymore traveling will become unbearable.
I wish I could move out,
I wish I had a job,
I wish I was engaged to Ben (my boyfriend).
There's so many things one could wish for.
How to say all of them?
I wish my photographs were in a gallery.
I wish I wasn't stuck in college and I could become a teacher faster,
not having to be worried about the WEST B that is mocking me.
What if I don't make it into the college of my dreams?
I wish I was there already.
I wish I was living with Ben.
I wish my parents weren't considering getting a house in Florida for the winter,
since if they like it they might move there.
Will I be the only one left in my small town that I love so much?
I wish for my family to always remain close to me.
I love my family.
Yes they drive me crazy, but they are the best in different situations.
I wish for world peace and no nuclear activity.
Thats the only political stuff I will wish for.
I wish for good health.
I wish for more life to live.
More dreams to accomplish.
I wish to watch a talk show and meet a celebrity.
I wish to ride a horse again.
I wish for my writing to be noticed.

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