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The word "Soaring" works here. Leave it. Its fine!

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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To Ease The Pain

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Here is my public service announcment.  DO NOT DO DRUGS!!  A person's worst enemy can often be themselves.

A shot of vodka to toast the night
A beer to get the party started
A cigarette to calm the nerves
A mixed drink to get one feeling good
A joint to send one soaring 3 comments

Some acid to start the show
Some shrooms to drive off to the moon
Some crack to lighten the mood
Some coke to enlighten the mind
Some morphine to deaden the senses

The IV to flush the system
The prescriptions to stabilize the body
The relapse to go for round two
The EMT's to attempt the impossible
The Reaper to ease the pain

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