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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
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soul mates

You want to cut me open
Just so you could lick my wounds
You want me to thank you
For saving me from the pain you inflicted
Locked me in a room with no way out
Claimed to be protecting me from what’s outside
Chained me to the wall
So I won’t step into your destruction.

Had me under glass
Pressed tightly beneath your thumb
This private hell had the glamour of heaven
But I’m shattering the glass
And walking free
Tattooing over the scars you gave me.

I said calmly “Let me go.”
You said I was yelling too loud
Cut off the lights and left me in the dark
Then you came around
Played with my trigger
Got shot, and blamed my gun
You stabbed me in the back
Drove the knife through my heart
Just so I could cry in your arms
Sick little pleasures you get
From the pain on my face.

Starved me to death
So I could live off of your love
Kissed me gently
With your cyanide laced lips
The poison seeps deep in me
But it won’t be the end of me
Cuz in the end I’m walking free
And tattooing over the scars that you gave me…

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