Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - The cadence of my breath whispers your name - " Awesome words homes!

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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
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The Darkness

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soul mates

Walking blindly into the darkness
Innocently hoping to shed light on your blackened past
My feet heavy as I wander through this thick fog
The cadence of my breath whispers your name
In the distance I hear your faint cry
Following the sound
I find you lain over a slab of rock
Tears painfully slugging down your face
Reach out for you
I hold you gently in my arms
You thankfully bury your face in my chest
I slightly pull away
Hold your chin in my hands
Hopes of kissing your pain away
But I tasted your tears
And they were bitter
That sad look on your face took shape of a sinister smile
The darkness around me began getting darker
In the depths of my subconscious
I heard your laugh
I opened my eyes to find myself caught in your web
One which was spun out of the very darkness I tried saving you from. 2 comments

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