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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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I Never Forgot About You

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soul mates

I'm not a Poet, but I did, however, manage to write some feelings down about the special lady in my life. I'm not a Poet, but I'm going to be! You'll see! Lolz! (If you listen really hard you just might hear the 1000 Monkeys up in my brain chuckling and giggling, almost sinister-like at the thought) Hahahaaaz!

The very first time I saw her I was delivering a package
Thirteen years old in the doorway, skinny, beautiful eyes, staring back at me

It was wrong of me to stare but I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my life
I dropped it off, gave her a little smile and closed the door, branding her to memory

My only thought: I can wait
I did wait

The fantastic thing was that I never knew that she developed a crush on me too
Many years had passed before we saw each other again

She was with another guy, but I saw her staring, watching me, a glint in her eyes, a smile breaking
What could I do but smile back?

We went on in our lives, wondering of one another, oh so wanting to break all binds, to be free
Fate it seems is its own authority in such matters of the heart

She had heard about me, my ruffian ways, my gangster days, and so it was not meant to be
And like a dream, we saw one another briefly in flitting moments too quick to gauge

But how she dreamed of me
Oh how I dreamed of her 1 comment

Despite the woman on my arm, I dreamed of her, all grown up and beautiful as the night itself
And despite the guy on her arm she dreamed of me, but it was yet not meant to be

A very long while had passed and still we held to our Maxim: we were going to test Fate
I saw her once at a party, and like the breeze, a Vampire vixen she strode through the crowd

Gliding, eyes drunk with lust, she navigated the crowd, coming straight at me
Like a countdown to the end of the world, she drew up close, her eyes like twinkling gems

And like that she took me in and kissed me
I remember the feel of her mouth, her tongue wrapping around my own, stunning me

My outward appearance proved too much for me to go off like a child with all the people staring
I kept my cool: the worst mistake of my life, holding my heart in my hands, praying it just stay in

Minutes had passed before the frantic desire took me over, causing me to bolt off
In a whip of turmoil I turned the place upside down, looking right, left, upstairs, downstairs

And like a dream, with the suddenness of a broken bone, shattered, I let out a gasp
I looked and I looked and I looked, for an eternity I looked, searching in vain, heart crushed

Years had passed and never once did I forgive myself for being too damn cool for my own good
Girls threw themselves at me all through the years, but still I only wanted her

And still she thought about me, she told me so just a couple nights ago
And like a gift from the Fates she found me, so lonely, hanging on to something unworthy

And like that she picked me up and gave me a reason to smile
And like toys that had seen too many dark times, damaged, we came together, eyes gleaming

After an eternity we found each other, said a few words and melted into one another’s souls
I am free in her soul, I am bright in her heart, in her eyes I can defeat all opponents

In my arms she is safe, in my heart she can do wonders, play with God in the sunshine, free
In the world there is only one wood nymph that steals me away

In the world there is only one Titan that needs rescuing
And together we are love, incarnate, asleep on clouds of bliss and awake in the eyes of the Gods

And to this day I can recall every moment I saw her, no matter how briefly
To her a couple of nights ago I said simply “I never forgot about you”

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