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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
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soul mates

I just had a dream last night about Aliens, and a weird method of attaining information about humans. I had to write this.  The news about the RFID chip and many other types of chips inserted into humans, and this new experience I had only makes me wonder.

I had a dream
All was too real
They.....seemed real
Their atrocious sounds
Implied their arrival
Meanwhile I hid in the
suffocating darkness
of a claustrophobic room
I'm not a fan of the dark,
but there I stood,
Motionless and Petrified.
Just waiting to be slaughtered
and choke on my own blood.

My movement was minimal,
but they noticed.
They scanned me like a
barcode and a neverending list came about.
Without having a sample of my blood
they knew who I was.
What's this new method?
Why was it so easy to scan a human?
Between dreams and news,
I am left confused.

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