Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
Recommendations: 12

You've repeated yourself with Hopelessness, another phrase might work with the second last line, or try removing the word 'hopelessness' altogether from that line.

Leoni Carlson Leoni Carlson
Recommendations: 12

'hear' the sound? 'and' honor

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Joshua Grinkey Joshua Grinkey
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Give and Take and all there is to make...

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soul mates

Maybe not the best.. or not finished...

Tethered by the chain of insignificance
Worrying that words are meaningless
Hungered, left in hopelessness
Challenged everyday by something new
Only to see that Dreams, don't come true
Lies, deceit, Hopelessness
Trick, me, as I undress 1 comment

I am naked, nothing hidden
You tell me I am forbidden
I try with all my might
To make everything right
But my attempts, fall to the night
Ripped skin and bleeding
Nothing more than sacrifice seething
But You already gave everything, anyway

Life restored, feeling hurt no more
Heaven's gaze, only moments away
Angels proud, here the sound
Of praise an honor, of those that suffered
To give and not take, the stake that they were offered 1 comment

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