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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Oh just the "alone" theme,  the song is singer songwriter stuff , kind of coffee house friendly.  It is how I feel sometimes though

I’m so alone
No one will ever see me
I’ve disappeared behind a wall of dreams
I’m still asleep or maybe dead
All alone
with voices in my head that I don’t know

I’m so alone
I walk in darkness everywhere
No one is near so I scream at the wind
I talk to crows
They are my only friends
The things they say to me make so much sense

When you’re alone
there’s no one you need to meet
When you’re alone
there’s no place you have to be
at any special time
When you’re alone
no one gives a damn if  you are crossing safely at the light
or taking your own life
When you’re alone
passers-by dissolve to mist
and when you die
no one will miss you at all

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