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Davon Lemieux Davon Lemieux
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Stone House

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soul mates

This still needs a lot of editing, but I was tired of seeing it just sitting on my desk... So I posted it.

I am a stone house, on a beach, next to the ocean.
I like to watch the waves everyday.
They move closer and closer,
Following the wind.

When I was first built,
I did not notice the wind much.
I was so young and strong that I was ignorant of it's existence.
But the wind thought that needed to change.

The wind grew and grew.
Bringing frequent storms to tear me down.
And its attempts started to work,
Until I saw the waves.

I was in awe and total dedication to its beauty.
No matter how strong the wind was,
I stayed stronger.
Just to see my waves.

Then one day, the waves came closer upon the shore.
Onto my stretch of the beach,
Elation filled me so much that I had no notice of the wind.
My waves were here.

But it did not stop.
Soon it submersed my very foundation,
Rising up to fill me,
Until I was so flooded, it sickened me.

When it finally left,
I was gutted, faded and washed out.
Left alone and empty, only to feel the cold wind,
Drying out the soaked cracks, and broken pieces of me.

I am what is left of a stone house, on the beach, next to the ocean.
I can't stand to watch the waves everyday,
So I listen to the wind taunt me instead,
As it whistles through my empty structure.

And one of these days,
I hope to have the relief of falling,
Or someone taking me away,
So I don't have to keep living in a memory.

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