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Stephen Bolding Stephen Bolding
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Faker (Dear ____)

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soul mates

I cut out the name in the title because i don't really want people knowing who it was meant for. I wrote it about a year ago. I didn't know what to say for the category so i guess general will have to do. Only two people have read this before now...

You know you're a fake,
your life is just a game.
But you've had all you can take,
of the misery and shame.
Your whole life you've pointed fingers,
found others to blame.
But the memory still lingers,
and now nothing is the same.
You're asking God why,
on this dark lonely night.
As you sit there and cry,
you want to give up your fight.
But don't give up hope,
you can make it right.
You'll be able to cope,
if you just walk towards the light.
Realize that it's you,
who screwed up your life.
Realize it was you,
and pick up the knife.
Admit it was you,
who screwed up my life.
Admit it, it's true,
you're the cause of my strife.
Now I know you're a fake,
you can't lie anymore.
And I've had all I can take,
so I show you the door.
The door to my life,
now get the h*** out.
Don't make me repeat it,
and don't make me shout.
F*** it, I quit,
I'm done with you.
All your bulls***,
and all you put me through.
So do me a favor,
and leave without a sound.
And finish it quickly,
so I can put you in the ground...

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