Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - They FEAR me! I climb the cold stone walls around me, dodging arrows of hatred and bullets of revenge. - " I love this sentence. It speaks tons in terms of raw emotions somehow conjuring within me a savage curiosity; like a beast fighting her way through to freedom! I absolutely love it!

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Breaking through to Freedom

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This was completely improvised. I was listening to Egypt Central's Over and Under and I thought I'd write some action with a load of symbolism thrown in.

Your love is Torture. I cannot find a way to truly break free. Your seductive influence chain down my battered wrists as I stand alone on a cold stone platform with your friends watching me. They laugh at me as I am bound by your love. I am hungry for revenge. I am running on hatred.
I will be free.

Your love is a Cage. Once you get tired of watching me be chained, you enclose me in your cage with bars of love. They glow and they burn the skin off my hands when I try to rip them apart. Your friends tease me from outside, laughing at my slumbering anger. But where are you through my torture? You sit on your throne above us all and pretend nothing is going on beneath you. You sit careless and powerful.
Vengeance will be mine.

Your love is a Trap. You push me to the ground but when I look up I see your minefield of love. You tie a blind fold around my eyes and gently whisper to me to walk.
I refuse. I will not be tricked.
But you kick me forward. You laugh and grin sadistically. My breath is heavy within my lungs. My bleeding feet are numb. My body is empty. My hearing is strained but suddenly I hear your laughter stop. I feel solid ground beneath me. I hesitantly raise my hands to pull off my blind fold. I can see once more.

I turn around. It looks like the grass is greener on this side. You could probably join me but you will have to walk across your own minefield of love traps. I cannot help but grin. Have a taste of your own medicine for once. But somehow how hunt me down. You spin out your web of love once more and the faster I run, the harder I will hit and be tangled within it. You catch me and torture me for ever escaping. You bind me once again with your chains. Blood drips from my sweating skin and cuts lie slashed across my back. I look up and through my blurred vision and I see those friends laughing at me again.
Destruction and Punishment will hail.

I can feel power within me. I tasted victory once before and I will taste it again. I will take back my heart and heal it one and for all. I will fight my way out of this hell. I will not fail.
I tense my arms and slowly, painfully...the chains give in. They break and I can move!
"Guards!" Voices shout from above. They fear me. They FEAR me! I climb the cold stone walls around me, dodging arrows of hatred and bullets of revenge. I get to the top and face your friends who aim their harmful words at me. They fire but I walk straight through them. They cannot stop me. 1 comment

More bullets and arrows fire past me and I come face to face with you. You panic. Your evil work has finally come to an end. You lunge at me with a blade of revenge but I push you aside.
You cannot harm me anymore.
I take back my heart and I jump out of your castle of hell. I have broken free. I have escaped your traps. Your chains. Your cages. I am my own person.
I am finally Free.

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