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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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soul mates

Just thinking...

Oh familiarity,
what comfort you have given me,
in coloured walls you framed my life,
supporting it, sparing me strife.
Like the  hairstyle? Keep it going,
years pass by and barely showing.
Furniture’s for sitting on,
not for moving, it belongs
right where it has been all this time--
why buy new? Save on the dime.
Routines like washing, face or shirt,
remove the many forms of dirt,
and if they don’t it doesn’t matter,
make-up or mend the telling tatter.

Oh familiarity,
what emptiness you’ve given me.
Perceived perfection’s what you are--
you robbed me of my shining star.
The one that required polishing,
was lost, as I gave everything.
The day to day’s all well and good
but what of living as we should?
Seeking out dreams held inside
learning we are more besides
the lump of clay upon the couch,
face in the mirror, full of doubt.        

Oh familiarity,
I must leave you now, I see;
you gave me something warm and safe
but I don’t want my life to waste.
I need to risk, I need to grow,
so in the end of all I’ll know
just who I was, why I survived:
I can exist or I can thrive.
I am fearful, yes, it’s true,
but still, old friend, good-bye to you.

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