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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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Changed forever

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soul mates

Who am I
If you took my sight?

Who am I
With no color inside?

Who am I with
No happiness in life?

Who am I with
Fear in my heart?

Any noise triggers fear
The sound of the dripping faucet
Drowns me one drop at a time

Sound of rain
Showers me with sound of bullets
Pounding and pounding
On the roof

Sound of wind
Covers me with thousand wolfs
Howling away

The sound of people talking all at once
Is no different from that sound of bugs crawling
And chirping

Footsteps are footprints
On surface
On land
Of speed
Echo expands and retracts
And my mind stores that footprint

I can’t find Time
No matter how hard I try I can’t

Am I growing older? I can’t tell I feel I’m stuck in Time.
The only memory I have is of the last time I was to look at myself on a mirror, what a tragedy. That image is plastered on my mind and it laughs at me for it remains young while I age.

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