Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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There is nothing that touches us to the quick quite like the expression of someone in pain.It`s just part of our humanity.Hang in there, dude. Despite all the pain, Life can still be beautiful.

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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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Bleeding and Healing

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soul mates

I wrote this about two months ago while in a drug rehabilitation center.

As my heart begins to race,
Beads of sweat roll down my face.
The butterflies in my stomach rise,
Then the dryheaves leave tears in my eyes.
My body begins to violently shake,
O God these feelings i can not take!
Many crazy thoughts are running through my mind,
Like "O if i could use just ONE more time!"
"Just ONE more shot into my vein!"
"Just ONE more pill to numb the pain!"
But this, i know, would not be the end,
Merely the beggining of this epidemic again;
This infectious disease that has spread so wide,
Taking over my life, leaving me broken down inside.
So fatigued of this feeling, i need to find an answer,
Before i let this sickness destroy me like a cancer.
So God if You can hear me, please listen to my cry,
Cure me from this plague and make me whole before i die!
Please Lord, save me from myself, i pray,
For without You i'll not live another day.
Take my heart and make me new,
Fill it with Your Spirit so that i may live for You.
Cleanse my soul and rid me of my shame,
So that i may be a light, burning bright for Jesus' name. 1 comment

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