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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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The Only One

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I wrote this about a month ago. It was after going through my drug rehab... I relapsed. But with help from above and the support of a few friends and family, I have pulled through. I will probably always have these thoughts and temptations in the back of my mind, but i will NEVER stop fighting these demons. You CAN and WILL overcome anything, IF you want to bad enough.

(Verse 1)
Here once again,
Infected with sin.
As I wrote once before,
It would take only one more
To jumpstart this disease
That has brought back my defeat.
So, Jesus, take this please,
I lay it at Your feet.
I realize on my own,
I'm always going to lose.
So from this day on,
Lord it's You that i choose.

I want You to be the one,
Who is always on my mind.
I want You to be the one,
Who I search so hard to find.
You're the only one,
Who has been there from the start.
Jesus, You're the only one,
Who can heal this broken heart.

(Verse 2)
Father, here i am,
Please take my soul.
Once a shattered man,
Now a heart that's whole.
You've loosed my chains,
And set me free.
You've cleansed my stains,
You've helped me see;
I'm not the man I was before
You entered into my heart.
God, please continue to show me more,
I pray this passion never parts!


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