Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

A deeply powerful line! It offers absolutely more than just a physical element but rather a deeply emotional sense of agony and suffering! Great job!

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

This is a sweet and precious line, offering a delightful air to what had been already read!

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Ellen Van giessen Ellen Van giessen
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Puzzle Heart

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soul mates

Broken slivers, pieces scattered

Fragmented fell, and then shattered

Heart once whole, in pieces lay

This can’t really be the way!

Tiny splinters, specks of dust

Lies, hate and broken trust

Dreams of future now turn to ash

What was once a blush now is a rash 1 comment

Eyes red from weeping salty tears

This has reconfirmed my fears

Alone, I cry, fighting off the dark

My damaged heart bears another mark

Then comes you, with eyes so keen

To put me back to the way I’d been

Each piece of heart, your hands did find

You kissed each piece, your love so kind 2 comments

My heart began to dance once more

No longer shattered on the floor

For our love did hold the cracked heart

This puzzle heart is your work of art

My hand in yours, my heart did beat

Livened my walk, put springs in my feet

No longer broken, my heart thrived

Now I am living, I have survived!

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