Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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I love this little sentence. It conjures a whirlwind of joy and light and whimsical surprise delivering a wholesome goodness that is quite enchanting to say the least!

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Ellen Van giessen Ellen Van giessen
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Letter from Heaven

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soul mates

I am now a little angel, with wings of white

A robe of satin, and a halo of light

You don’t need to mourn for me

I am not captive! I am free!

I know my passing left such pain

But you need to let love in again!

Know that I am happy here

Not held down by pain or fear

One day you’ll meet me on this street

And oh the dancing, the happy feet! 1 comment

But ‘til that day, you have to go

Live a life that shows you know

I’ll be waiting here for you

So do the things we’d said we’d do

Love another as you loved me

And let me become a memory.

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