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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Sea Gull

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Forgive me, when I wrote this last year (2011) I truly thought that gulls plucked their fish from the waster, I know better now, but I like the song as is.

I’m in the air fancy free,
the wind comes along singing with me,
there’s nothing I’d  rather be
than a gull.
I dive for fish, splash in the waves.
Oh what a life,  I’m nobody’s slave.
There’s nothing I’d  rather be
than a gull.

I fly with my friends around the town,
at the pier , we  work the  crowd
for anything that comes our way.
I  fend for myself  just fine
but it’s fun to stand in line
for a chip or two in the middle of the day.

I like to dance in the sky.
There’s never  a tear in my eye.
I take life on the wing
whatever it may bring
after all,  I am a sea gull.

Soaring high I see the world
and  the lonely boys and girls
who grew up to do exactly as they ‘re told.
In their hearts they long to be free,
catch that thermal above  the sea,
there’s no one they ‘d rather be than me,
and nothing I’d  rather be
than a gull.

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