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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
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The Clock's Prey

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soul mates

Thousands of ideas
I've stumbled upon
The inspiration I searched
was never found

Time was wasted as
I was lost inside the maze
I suddenly, became crazed

The clock seemed to talk to me at times
Many times it yelled:

   "Hurry, time is running out!"

I waited long enough for a good story,
but now that I finally had it
the truth made me tear it apart

The clock ticks without hesitation and
the idea of not sharing a story
irritated my inquiring mind

A man once told me,

   "Why are you so concerned with time?"

Without knowing,
I belonged to a ticking clock
that seemed to control the pace of my work

I was the clock's prey
and now thanks to the truth about the future
I'm locked inside!

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