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Rebekah King Rebekah King
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At Night: Madeline's Murder

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What happened to Madeline after Emily saw her for the last time...?

I felt very lonely all of a sudden, as I left Emily’s side and entered the dark kitchen. I didn’t like the dark – bad things happened in the dark. Especially at night. I was scared, but I tried to focus on the task that Emily had given me – finding the torch. She’d said it was on one of the benches. It shouldn’t have been too difficult to find, even in the dark. I made my way through the kitchen slowly, putting each foot carefully down on the slate floor. I felt the pantry with my hand and continued to feel my way along until my hand rested on the bench.

I knew that three walls of the room were lined with benches and Emily hadn’t specified which bench it was on. It could be anywhere, really. I felt claustrophobia creeping up on me, but I took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down. I told myself that I was being silly, that there was nothing to be afraid of. That it’s the same house I’ve lived in for a year now, it’s just dark. What should be so scary about that?

I continued feeling my way along the bench, patting it down, touching everything to feel if it was the torch. I had no luck until I reached the microwave on the bench opposite to where I’d started. I was lucky I decided to search the top of the microwave, because there it was, standing up on the top. My fingers knocked it, not expecting to find it and it nearly toppled over, but I heard it settle, then I snagged it before it could make any noise.

I pulled it down and pressed the button. It was bright – one of the little LED light torches that we had lying around. It practically lit up the whole room. The light was harsh, but comforting, because it was light. I wasn’t in the dark anymore and I started to relax when I heard something. At least, I thought I heard something, but I was sure my ears were just playing tricks on me. I was just trying to scare myself for some reason. Yes, that was it. Then there it was again.

I couldn’t hear it very well – it sounded like it was far away, and yet close. I couldn’t put a name to the sound. It was sort of like a... growling? But what could possibly be growling in here? Then I heard another noise – a loud crash. It was coming from the hall, or maybe... from Emily’s room? Emily was in there, was it her making the noise? Somehow I didn’t think so.

I found myself backing away from the kitchen doorway in fear, unsure of exactly what I was doing. I heard no more crashing, but another of those growls. I was certain it was a growl now. It was an evil sound, like from a demon. I backed away further and retreated to the bathroom, turning off my torch and hiding in the darkness. Please don’t let it find me.

Eventually, I heard footsteps – soft footsteps against a slate floor. The softness of the sound made me think it wasn’t a demon. Emily? Had I imagined the growling and the crashing then? I breathed a sigh of relief at the thought. Then I realised that Emily’s footsteps were so quiet I could barely hear them. Maybe they were quiet for a reason. Such as trying to sneak past something. If she was looking for me, she would have said my name.

Then I heard rustling and rummaging. Was she ransacking the pantry? How could she possibly be thinking of food at a time like this? All of this was very disconcerting and made me feel even more afraid. Maybe it was a demon and not Emily at all, trying to trick me with its evil ways. Emily still hadn’t called for me, so I tried calling for her instead.


I heard a startled sound and something sharp being drawn across plastic. Why was I hearing these things? It was so confusing.

“Is someone there?”



Still nothing, even though I had raised my voice. I was sure she could hear me, if it even was Emily. I heard a faint sound of shuffling feet, but it was too distant to be coming from the kitchen. It suddenly dawned on me how well sound travels in the darkness, because you can’t see anything. That would mean if there was a demon in the hall, it would have surely heard me. Silliness, there was no demon here.

“Who’s there?”

I heard running, then. The sound of big, angry feet running on carpet, then wood, then concrete. Even though I had closed the bathroom door behind me, I could hear through it well. And I clearly heard when something bashed hard on the door from the other side. The sound was so frightening and unexpected that I screamed before I had time to catch my tongue. Whatever was bashing on the door wasn’t friendly, and it was trying to get to me, of these things I was certain.

I was frozen by panic and fear as the thing bashed away at the door. I saw it shudder with every strike and I knew that each strike brought me closer to pain and death. Death was the only part of this I had accepted. I stared in wide-eyed horror as the door was broken down, slamming into the tiles with a great crack and the thing stepped into the room.

I got only a second to take in its silhouette in the darkness before it started stalking towards me. My brain was frozen and my body started to take control. I felt the warm trickle of blood down my neck as the sound of my screaming split something inside my ear. Though I couldn’t seem to hear it. I was moving backwards, using my hands and feet to straggle back across the cold tiles until my back was up against the vanity.

I didn’t really feel the impact of the thing’s sharp claws tearing me open, but I felt the pain. Oh, God, the searing, splitting pain. I seemed to numb to everything – my screams, the thing’s growls, the feel of my body being ripped apart – except the pain. I’d been right to fear death all my life, if this is how it was to be delivered. This was indeed something to fear.

I wonder if Emily heard my last cry for help. My failing voice blocked, gurgling, by the warm, thick liquid obstructing my mouth. If she had, she was right not to answer it. I didn’t want this for her. No one deserved to feel this. My mind was already gone, and now I felt my body start to follow. Slowly dying from the inside out, literally, as my body was spread across the bathroom floor, and I was comforted by the fact that it would be over soon. I felt nothing as the thing pulled its claws through my body for the last time.

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