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Matthew, I must commend you for your faith.You are a very brave young man. Where many might have given up on life, you decided to soldier on. My, God! I am thoroughly inspired!Thank you for rousing me out of apathy.

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Matthew Bolding Matthew Bolding
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Forgive Me

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soul mates

I wrote this a few nights ago, while struggling with some personal issues.

Father please forgive me,
For I knew what not to do.
Yet I've disobeyed deliberately,
Lord, I've sinned against You.
As I hang my head in shame,
I look away from Your face.
But like a moth to a flame,
I seek Your mercy and Your grace.
My soul is growing colder,
From living on my own.
With two broken shoulders,
I have nothing left to lean on.
I'm faded and I'm tired,
With no place to run.
I'm completely uninspired,
Dry and jaded from the sun.
I've wasted too much time,
Dwelling on the past;
On a mountain too steep to climb,
Going nowhere very fast.
I've been blind for many years,
Oh, how I long to see.
Please wipe away these tears,
Oh Savior, come rescue me.
I'm sorry it's taken so long,
For me to finally get it right.
Another prodigal son has come home,
Thank You, God, for restoring my sight.
Please give me the courage that I need to stand
In this world so full of pain;
Along with the strength to stretch forth my hand,
And reach out to the lost for Jesus' name. 1 comment

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