Warren Gates Warren Gates
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"You want to taste my psychosis." Love that line!

Cindy Beitinger Cindy Beitinger
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"and question how such beauty can sculpt such corruption." I love this

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Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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soul mates

I want to tell you secrets.

You’re going to listen.

You’re going to listen
because your morbid curiosity implores you.
You’re going to take notice
because you secretly enjoy my insanity.
You’re going to love me
because I’m your mirror-image.
And people love that which
reminds them of themselves.

You want to taste my psychosis.
You want to eat my words
and swallow them whole,
keep them inside you forever.
You need people like me
because I can do
all the things that your petty fears
stop you from doing.
You pay attention because
you’re in love with my mania.
You want to pull the truth
from behind the curtain
which covers my eyes. 1 comment

I want to tell you my story.

You’re going to listen.

You’re going to tilt your head
and squint your eyes
and hang on my every nuance
like a spider in a web.
You’re probably going to
marvel at how attractive I am,
and question how such beauty
can sculpt such corruption. 2 comments

I will tell you I’m sorry,
I will spurt excuses
and you will digest them.
Because I’m smart
and because I’m famous.
I’m going to hypnotise you
and baptise you
and make you cherish my sins.

I’ll make you believe
that a bad path was chosen for me.
I’ll make you sweat
under the clause that says,
I am a victim.

I’ll tell you the same lies
that led me to destruction
for so many years.
I’ll share my desires
and you’ll contemplate them.
You’ll nod
and agree,
and when my times is up
you’ll feel nothing but
love for me.

I’m going to tell the world
my secrets.

You’ll believe me
because there’s little else
to have faith in.

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