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Karen Gomez Karen Gomez
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It's time to wake up

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soul mates

We make things harder than what they seem, and that's why I decided to do this inspirational piece.

Nowhere says that life is
Easy or fair
Pleasant or everlasting
Cruel or nice
But, admit that,
We all complain from time to time.

Answers are sought
by the desperate souls,
   "Why this?"
   "Why that?"
"It feels like Im falling into
an obscure hole."

Freedom is sought
by the rebel ones
      "Why me?"
      "Why now?"
"All my hope is gone"

But, the answers and freedom
are closer then they appear,
they've been inside of you
all along.

It's time to wake up
from that coma
you were in and
It's time to find out
who you are

Look deeper into your soul,
and create joy,
you will never close your eyes
again once more.
        "You will be forever, free."

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