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Kerrie Thomson Kerrie Thomson
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soul mates

I decided to write a poem about the four elements of wind, fire, water and earth since I'm the sort of person who is interested with topics about the elements. I had listened to "flow like water" from the last airbender soundtrack and that inspired me to write this poem.

Water flows peacefully like calmness of waves.
It's blue waters shining bright and brave.
Many water beings deep inside,
rides the currents, swift with pride.
Calmness flows through the watery deep sea,
far more peaceful than the wind's mighty breeze.

Wind blows swiftly like a breath.
Blowing silently as quiet just like death.
It's tornadoes as powerful like wind,
destroying all that is fiend.
Shy and timid the wind may seem,
it's bravery shall be lit by the sun's mighty beams

Fire burns furiously in dim lit flames.
Scorching all that may cause shame.
Many of it's sacred ash,
fly into the air in a golden flash.
Tough and strong the fire may be,
it's flames flying high and always free.

Earth stands proudly in toughness and strength.
It stretches far like it was the longest in length.
It's mighty quakes shakes the earth,
like it always did on the day of the earth's birth.
Although you think the earth may seem strong,
you may never know, you could be wrong

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