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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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soul mates

In my nightly life, as a watcher, or more precisely, a..ahem..babysitter of buildings, I walk a lot of dark hallways. And the thought came to me one night...Isn`t this just like our lives? Why are we always araid to walk through those those places which only seem so foreboding? Take heart, for they are only wisps of prententious shadow.Goodnight...Braveheart..sleep well!

As you walked down the dark hallway
of your questionable Present
you thought you felt the presence
of something walking beside you
was it true?
or was it a trick of the mind?
since the hour was late
and since of late
you met a bitter end
of your long-time lover

sometimes the things you sought to see
are just shadows
those whispers in the night
are just the wind in the trees
except at times when the night is still
then none can explain the inexplicable
oh, please don`t dare to be
like Poe with his dark, imagined crow
or of King
whose words macabre
have afforded him a life
that most of us can only
dream of

Shadow me
shadow you
could it be the pursuant doppelganger
that only wants to meet thee
to tell you,``It`s O.K.``
the O.K. Corral
and the ensuing blaze of guns
which only leaves the brave to stand
Shadows deep
at midnite hour creep
better to face the fears
of our yesteryears
than to live a life forever cringed in fear

Better to face the shadows
so that the life, the true life may
break through
true and strong
whatever was it
that made you tremble?
was it just perhaps your own
reflected fear?
take heart
the shadows cannot hurt you
only you
can hurt you
And, you have everything
to say to that, don`t you?
Don`t you?

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