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Marge Churchville Marge Churchville
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My Mother's Sewing Machine

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She had a friend.

This is about memories of my mothers Singer sewing machine.

My mother's sewing machine comes to my mind as an object to study.  She got it when I was about three or four years old in the early fifties.  Before she passed away,she told me to take it with me so no one else would take it.  I still have that old Singer Sewing machine, and it sews better than some of these new model sewing machines.

The machine had seen better days.  Some of the outer parts of it has been ripped away, from moving it so many times.  It is still in the cabinet she bought it in.  That machine is the old black Singer that has the gold twisting and twirling on it.  There is a small drawer on on the left of the cabinet, and three larger drawers on the right.  They are filled with pins, needles, tapes, materials, zippers, and sewing supplies from my mothers day.  It was one of the first electric sewing machines, and it would sew anything you wanted to sew.  My mother's sewing machine ran like a well oiled machine, which it was.

I took sewing for one of my six week home projects in Home Economics, and turned in more than thirty dresses, skirts, and blouses.  For that six weeks, all I did when I was home, was sew.  And, I made my highest grade in that six weeks.  

After I graduated, I got married, and raised my little family, Many years later, My mom could not sew any more, so she had me take that machine.  Also, she didn't want anyone else to take it.  

Later, my husband bought a motorcycle.  He drove it to work.  In the winter, his hands would get very cold, so, he asked me if I could make him some warm gloves.  I thought about it, and I knew they would have to be very thick.  The gloves I made him were six layers thick, including a thin leather top.  That machine sewed through all six layers of material without breaking down, or skipping a stitch.  Now, if that isn't a great sewing machine, I do not know what is.

I love that old machine, and I have carried it everywhere I have lived since my mother gave it to me.  I not only made my first dress on it, but many other things, as well.

I still have that old machine, and I guess I will give it to my daughter, and she in turn, will give it to her daughter.  I would not be surprised if it is still working like a new machine, even after all that time.

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