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Matthew Cooley Matthew Cooley
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My life- True story

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just all the crap that's going on

I am not trying to get attention, become popular, or anything like that.....
I just wanted to share my troubles with someone........

Hello, my name is Matt... I am currently thirteen years old.
When I was little, about 6, my mom and dad had some major arguments, they yelled, they screamed, even at one point my dad wrestled my mom to the floor and she was screaming for help, I was six so i got my face swelled up with tears and I ran to my room and locked my door. But it wasn't like he was beating her though, but I was never scared of my dad, I always looked up to him cause he is my father and I loved him no matter what. Eventually, my mom and dad got divorced, so he moved in with his parents in las vegas, and me and my mom moved to my grandma's house.

             Then, my mom found a solid boyfriend after constant dating for like two-three years. After spending about four months together, she introduced me to him when i was about 11. He was nice. Very smart. Cool. and treated me like his own son. He was a good man. So after like six months, they got married. We got a new house and we thought we would live happily ever after. Keyword: thought. I loved him, he was so cool, loved eminem like i do, loves guns like i do, we were so much in common, and i forgot to mention he was a marine for i think eight years. But no one was perfect, and his flaw was that he had a drinking problem.

                  He would drink his heart out, and then yell at my mom, he even broke a glass door cause he was trying to get back in after smoking. but all the madness was directed towards my mom. even when he was drunk he would still treat me like his son, i eventually started to love him as i would my own dad. but don't worry, he got past the drinking problem and never drank near my mom or me. and i loved him alot. but something just had to ruin the best step father in history. Back in february 2012, we had a little party just to party. We had my grampa, my aunt, my other aunt and uncles, and my four cousins. One of my cousins were retarted, so while my two awesome little cousins and my little sister were playing i was playing with my non retarded cousin at pool. then i went to the living room to talk to my aunt about something when she told me to shush and she was looking at my dad,mom,other aunt and uncle, and retarded cousin talking. in a weird way. i went back to my cousin to tell him something weird was happening. then we heard yelling we went to the living room and saw my other uncle having my dad in a choke hold, while my other aunt was socking him. they were yelling these remarks: You fucking touched her you bitch!!, You can't do that to a little girl!!! im going to fucking kill you !!!, you molested her!!!. me and my cousin went back to my room and he was crying on my shoulder. because the retarded cousin was his sister, i felt like crying to, but i don't know whats wrong with me, if i'm under emotional, or just can't cry( not trying to be tough,i hate myself for that).

        by now the police were here, i still hear the yelling today and my mind repeats that same image over and over. so that was the last time i saw him cause he went to jail...... you must be thinking, well good, he was a molester,but your wrong, she fucking lied......this is the truth: my stupid ass cousin was in the bathroom, with the lights turned off..... then my dad went in there and guess what he found, he took a piss, looked in the mirror and there she was, the bitch herself, standing there... she got on her knees and tried to give him a you know what but he pushed her away. so she was crying... before i can tell you anything else i have to tell you this.... she loves him and gives my mom a face when she holds his hand. she even snuck in thier bedroom and just watched him sleeping. she even kissed him.. and then wrote an apology on his facebook.... she's fucking obsessed with him, so i guess he hurt her stupid feelings when he pushed her... so now they took dna tests, and scanned both the bodies for anything..... and guess what they fucking found... the DNA of not him, but some other guy.... so theres proof that he didn't
do anything, but that was back in february.... he's been in jail for five goddamn months cause of that stupid fucking girl's lie. she ruined a family cause we had to move back to my grandma's... she ruined his job where he would soon become the owner of a company and make big bucks....but that's gone now......

                   but now to move on to right now. I'm visiting my grandparents in las vegas.... my real 1st father is homeless.... and it's complicated but he doesn't want me to speak to my grandma.... let alone see her, so i have to lie to his face and say im nowhere near that place.... i even had to hide because he came here.... but we told the guard that we were out of town..... there's just so much goddamn shit to deal with.... and i just need to tell my feelings to someone....sorry for the long post... and that's the end of my troubles.... bye

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