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Seth Fox Seth Fox
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Chase story part 2: unusual companion

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the journey was long but it seemed so short with the dorm master there with him. They spend the time talking and laughing about fond memories or some wise jokes. Once the train arrives the dorm master stands up and smiles "I forgot to say, my name is Jaden"
Chase smiles at him as he packs up his stuff, "My name is chase"
The students all leave the train in groups. Except for Chase who walks out alone. He is greeted by an amazing sight, the city of Rosemary. The buildings are like skyscrapers and everything looks so new to Chase, in the centre of the city he can see from where he stands is the new school he will be staying in. The Rosemary school of alchemy and monster hunting. A lot of the students push past him with animals on their shoulders or weapons on they're backs
Chase stretches and lets out a yawn before walking ahead towards the school. The atmosphere in the city around him seems very happy and eventful as he walks past a bunch of stores where the customers seem quite happy.
Once he makes it to the school everyone is gathered by a stage where the head master is giving a speech. Chase decides to listen in and stand in the crowd. "Welcome to the Rosemary school of alchemy and monster hunting. Here you will be trained to save humanity in more ways than one. You all will surely grow up to be very useful to society. Now weather you are an alchemist, a monster hunter or both you will all be useful to society. Now please enter and find your dorm, but if you dont have an animal companion with you i would like you to stay back for a few moments. Chase almost seems confused by this statement and waits around until only him and a handfull of other people are left. Once everyone else has left the headmaster addresses them. "Now you cant be a true monster hunter without an animal companion, why is that you ask? Thats simple. This world holds many strange animals and some animals themselves can become physical weapons, and others can add unusual and strange effects to potions just by being around them. Now if you dont have an animal companion at the moment i suggest you hollow the pathway to the left to the mythical forest and gain yourself a companion using the simplest of spells. The basic spell any alchemist and monster hunter knows. The befriend animal spell, otherwise known as natures call. Now go! Come back with the animal that suits you best"
Chase is left standing there confused as the students leave they're bags there and run towards the forest. He does the same after a minute and runs off down the path until he is left standing infront of a large gateway with a sign on it reading "Mythical Forest"
Theres a sign there stating what animals are in the forest and what effect they have on potions or what weapons they can become. The only one that catches Chase's eye is the "Giant Fox"
A mythical Fox said to be so large the animals avoid it and so powerful the forest itself is at its whim. It adds a lot of bonuses to every potion its around and can change into almost any weapon its master desires. There are many throughout the forest. But they are extremely hard to catch and even harder to become friends with as their personalities are rather agressive
Chase silently decides to himself that that was the animal he would try and capture. A true test of his skills to prove to everyone he is strong.

Chase makes his way down the darkened path with nothing but his back pack and a small fox pendant around his neck. All he has is the knowledge he has picked out from the books he read on the train over. Luckily he wen't over the basic material such as the natures call and some advanced magic like thunder rain. Chase is trying to bring himself to be a monster hunter who works mainly with enchanted weapons and magic skills. A path that is very hard indeed. Only few have mastered this way of fighting.
there are plenty of animals around that he could easily befriend but he has his sights on the giant fox of the forest. The other students are around him looking for the right animal but with a determined look Chase presses on to where he thinks the fox would be. The centre of the forest
The further in he goes the darker it gets but he doesn't seem phased by anything and mutters to himself as he walks "I'll show them all how strong i really am, once i become the best of the best ill find my dad again. I'll prove to him im strong enough..... I'll show them all"
Once he is far enough in there is a man leaning agains a tree. He is in an all black suit and he looks over at Chase, his eyes are purple and his hair is as black as his suit. He almost looks in shock and says "You're a student?"
Chase nods his head confused "Yeah, i was sent in here to find an animal companion as i didn't bring one with me"
The man smiles and closes his eyes. He takes out a cigarett and sticks it in his mouth, "So i take it your going after the giant fox?" He says lighting the cigarett
Chase nods his head "Got a problem with that?"
The man shakes his head "Not at all, actually im just here to warn you before you go any further. Most people who attempt to capture this beast die. Not many teachers can tame one, let alone a freshman like you. I suggest you turn back"
Chase shouts out "No way! I have to do this!"
The man looks over at him curiously and blows out a puff of smoke. "So i take it you're Chase. I guess you have to be, not many kids are crazy enough to chase down something so dangerous as soon as they get here"
"Whats that supposed to mean!?" Chase shouts at him in rage. The man chuckles and stands away from the tree. "Dont worry Chase. you will be ready soon enough" He says before vanishing into thin air

Chase is left standing alone and confused to what has just happened. But he soon regains his sense of direction and continues on his quest into the forest.
Not too long he can see a young child sitting alone in the middle of a clearing. The boy seems quite small but h can't make out much about him because he is so far away
The closer he get the more of an unsettling feeling he gets. As if something is wrong
The child is a full beastmen. His body is coated in fur, he almost looks like a lion that has the body of a human. He is quite small and he has snow white hair on his head. He is dressed in robes and has a bag beside him.
Chase approaches him and says "umm whats a kid like you doing out here alone? It's dangerous here"
The child looks back at him with a blank look and says "So you must be Chase. Jaden had a feeling you would come out here so he asked me to make sure you don't get killed, like all the others" He gets up dusting himself off "It's usually gruesome when someone gets killed by the foxes. They dont waste time, they just rip people to shreds. Well people they dont like anyway"
Chase takes a step back with a disturbed look on his face "What the hell? Who are you?"
The boy stretches and yawns "I'm Alex. As i said Jaden asked me to make sure you don't die. I dont want to have to watch anyone die anymore" He says in a bland childish voice that is almost scary with what he is saying
He picks up his bag and walks past Chase "Now lets go, i want to get home before it gets dark"
Alex walks off towards another clearing and turns back to Chase "Come on, the giant foxes are this way"
Chase runs up beside him quickly and follows beside him "Umm... Why are you in the school? You are so young, and like how do you know the forest so well?" he asks Alex
Alex shrugs and sighs "you assume i know this forest well, im in the school because i was abandoned by mom and my father died trying to protect me right here in this forest. The foxes tend to gather near his grave at this time of day. I was taken in by some girl at the academy as an animal companion an-"
Chase cuts him off and shouts "Wait wait wait, hold up. You are an animal companion? Then how are you here now?"
alex keeps walking and says "My master gives me freedom to move around. When im needed she will transport me through the dimensional plains of the soul and i will be by her side. So any other questions? Best get them out of the way before we get there"
Chase nods and asks "What weapon do you become?"
Alex sighs and says "You talk a lot. I'm a nagata, and when it comes to potions i add immortality to a brew. But only for a short time. Like a minute or so. But i have to be holding onto the potion to a few weeks to be able to"
As Chase is about to say something Alex holds up his hard "Don't bother, i know the next question. Yes i am imortal, i've died many times in my eight years of life so don't ever bring that question up again. I'm imortal because of my tribe. The only reason purebred beastmen like me even exist today is because the last survivors are imortal and cant die"
Chase looks at him almost terrified and Alex sits down by a tree putting his bag down "The foxes are over there. Go get one before i decide to leave you here"
Chase looks at Alex slightly disturbed and walks away into the clearing.

As soon as he steps foot into the centre the wind around him stops, all sound stops. Its almost as if time itself has stopped. The only reason he can tell time is still going is that he can see the leaves falling around him. Then, after a moment of silence there is a sharp roar that is loud enough to shake the group around him.
From the trees comes a Fox that is huge, its head  is the height of the tree tops and its tail reaches over the trees. It looks at Chase with an angered look on its face. It gets into a stance thats ready to punce, Chase realizes whats just begun and gets ready for a fight. He drops his bag to the group and out of it pulls a book. He flings open the book and holds out his hand "Lighting rain!" He screams holding his hand to the skies and it begins to rain, but each drop holds a small amount of charged electricity. Causing every drop to do damage to the fox.
Th spell only effects a small area so he aimed for it's head. Once it stops the fox takes a jump at Chase, but over the years chase has been preparing. He takes three steps to the left and as the fox flies over him he dashes in a pentagram shape under it. At each point before turning he drops a box until the pentagram shape is finished. Once again he calls thunder rain down on the fox to keep it distracted. Once its distracted Chase drops the book and holds his hands to the sky "Natures call!" He screams out "Pentagram shift!" He screams again as the pentagram on the ground glows and creates a barrier around the fox. Chase holds up his hand and the barrier rises under it. Before it runs Chase closes his fist, trapping the fox inside and condensing the barrier into an orb of energy.
The orb floats down to his hand. "I'm sorry, but we can introduce ourselves once initiation is done" He says placing the orb onto his necklace. The orb sinks into the necklace. Alex runs across to him looking amazed "Woah! That was amazing! How did you learn the pentagram shift so early!?"
Chase smiles at him with a slight chuckle "I just studied really hard. I didn't even know it was going to work"
Alex tilts his head "You could have died if that didn't work"
Chase nods his head and says "Yeah i know, but wheres the fun if you dont take a chance?" He yawns and stumbles to the ground. "Uhh... Alex.. Could you help me back to the school. I don't feel so good after that"
Alex nods his head "It's normal to be like this. But with the size of the animal you just captured im surprised you are still awake. The bigger the animal the more power it takes to capture. You must be really strong Chase"
Chase laughs weakly and says "and you said i talk too much?"

Once they made it back to the school Chase had fallen unconscious.
He was taken straight away to the medical wing of the hospital but he showed no sign of waking up soon. Little did they know the torment he was actually going through
Inside his mind he was trapped in an endless plain of darkness. No matter how far he would run there was no hope of finding the way out. He couldn't even  tell which direction he was going in. The darkness was almost.... crippling
All Chase can do is wait. Wait and hope for the darkness to pass. What felt like hours had passed, nothing happened. All he  could do was think. Think about what had lead him to this point. His father had abandoned him. His mother died while he was still young. But still, none of this made sense. Why was he in this abyss? Why cant he get out of the darkness?
He always done his best to prove himself to others, to show he wasent a weak child, to prove he was strong.
Could the darkness be another test? Is he supposed to get out of this too?
He realizes this and quickly gets to his feet "This isn't going to beat me!" He yelled with a determined grin "I'll prove to you all i can take this. I'll never give up!"
He didn't expect what came next. A very feminine voice coming from somewhere close to him "Are you sure you wont give up? Take the easy way? The path you follow... certainly is a difficult one"
Chase keeps moving about trying to see who is there "Who the hell are you!?" He screams punching about the air around him "I'll kick the crap out of you if thats what it takes to get back to the real world"
The voice comes back once more in a more mocking tone and a slight chuckle "Well, well aren't you a feisty little one. I think i chose the right one" she says
Chase gets even more enraged at his "Who the hell are you!? Show yourself!!" He screams out in anger
The pendant around his neck begins to glow and an orb of light floats down to the ground "Silly child" The voice says once again "I am the fox you looked so hard for, and here you are threatening to attack me? Some master you are"
The orb smashes across the ground and the light fades away to reveal the fox sitting infront of him. He is left standing in utter shock that an animal, something that cannot speak the human tongue is speaking with him
"How... how can you speak?" Chase asks the fox curiously
"We are partners now, after you used natures call you bound our souls together. We are in the spiritual plain that links the two of us. Only you and i can step foot on this sacred ground. I can speak to you and all other humans because i have paired with you. We are one in the same now. I can speak human, and now you too can hear the voices of the forest, the trees and the animals. But first let us introduce ourselves. I have no name, so i will allow you to name me in any which way you please"
This is all so much to grasp at once. But Chase takes in what he can and accepts this task she gave him. "My name is Chase, and if you dont mind. I would like to call you Melody" He says trying to hide his confusion
The fox says nothing for a moment, thinking about what he said. After this moment of silence she says "Melody, i like it. It has a nice right to it" she says slightly happy
Chase nods and then asks "So if this is the plain of our souls or whatever you said it was. Why am i here now? Am i dead?"
Melody shakes her head laughing "No chase, you are not dead. You are simply asleep. That seal you used to capture me took a lot of power to use. Far more than your body could handel. You are now asleep in a hospital bed"
Chase nods his head thinking and says "You seem to be very calm about being captured. Wouldn't people usually like... ya know? Be pissed about that stuff?"
Melody nods slightly "usually most animals would be pissed off a little. But its always been a dream of mine to help the students at this school. I've watched them for quite some time. But students are hardly ever brake enough to come out here, and the ones that do. End up finding any of the other giant foxes and get teared to pieces. But enough about this Chase. We can talk once you have woken up. There are people out in the real world waiting for you"
With this sentence the world around him begins to fade until eventually all he can see is a blinding light. Once the light fades he finds himself lying in a hospital bed. Alex and Jaden are both beside the bed, as if they were waiting for him to wake up (I didn't explain what Alex looks like too well. This is a picture of him )

Jaden smiles almost with relief and says "I'm glad to see you are awake Chase. I was getting worried that you wouldn't wake up. Alex told me you used the pentagram shift of natures call? Thats very advanced for a freshman student like yourself. Tell me, where did you learn it?"
Chase shrugs and says "I learned how to do it on the train over before you came in on me. I covered a lot of stuff on that train"
Jaden looks almost concerned "Why did you go after the giant fox? You could have died before you even started school"
Chase sits up and leans back agains the bed post "I wanted.. to show everyone i was good enough to be a part of the schol. That i wasn't some useless kid that was here for kicks"
Jaden gets up off of his seat before saying "Well there are other ways to prove your worth than going on a suicide mission. You got lucky this time Chase. Dont ever let me see you do anything that stupid and reckless ever again, or ill be revoking your right to stay in my dorm"
Chase sighs "Why are you being so hard on me... i just wanted to do something big... You act a lot like..."
"Your dad?" Jaden asks looking back with an angered look.
Chase clenches his fist and looks up at him close to tears " I was going to say like the workers at the orphanage! Dont you dare ever mention my father! That bastard can go burn in hell for all i care!"
Chase jumps out of the bed and runs out of the room grabbing his bag while running past
Alex stands up beside Jaden and says "I think you went a little hard on him"
Jaden looks the direction Chase ran off in and sighs "Looks like i hit a raw nerve...."

Chase runs his way out of the hospital and into the city. Not too long later he ran back to the forest. This time he didn't go in as far, but he made his way to a deep enough part where he could be alone for a while. He sits alone on a tree stump and drops his bag infront of him. Once settled down he opens his bag and takes out a lolly pop and begins to eat it. He lies a diary on his lap and starts writing aswel "It hasen't been a day and he has already pushed me to the point fleeing into the woods. I dont know how long i could stand him if this is what he is really like"
He puts his diary away and then his necklace begins to glow "Can i come out?" Melodies voice says coming from the necklace.
"Ummm sure, how do i let you out?" Chase asks confused
"Just take a hold of the necklace" She says
Chase puts his hand on the necklace and as soon as he gets a grasp on it an energy builds up around them, within a few seconds the same orb that he captured Melody in falls to the ground and opens up infront of him revealing melody as a . . . baby fox?
"What the? Why are you so small?" Chase asks extremely confused
Melody stumbles over to him and jumps up onto his leg, struggling to pull herself up. "I can change my size any time i like. I cant really go around a school as a giant fox now can I?" She says laughing
Chase picks her up and puts her on his leg "So, what now? Do you have anything else to tell me before we start our school days together?"
Melody shakes her head "Not that i can remember" She says to him
He sighs and looks up through the leaves of the trees. The night sky is starting to settle in. "Its so beautiful isn't it?" chase says looking towards the stars
Melody looks up aswel and says "I see it every night, it is an amazing thing indeed"
Throughout the bushes there are many noises. "What are those?" Chase asks confused
"Those are the voices of all of the animals  that live in this forest" Melody says
From the bushes comes a boy with an almost creepy smile on his face. His hair is purple, his eyes are green and he is dressed in an attire that consists of a pair of a suit, almost like the strange man Chase seen while looking for Melody. Whoever this boy is steps towards Chase and draws a sword from its holster and aims it towards Chase "So you are the boy who caught the almost legendary giant fox are you?" He says in a posh accent "Now, have at me and lets see how strong you are"
Chase looks at him almost un-amused "Why dont you go fuck yourself posh boy, im just after getting out of the hospital. Im not going into any fights at the moment" He says pissed off
"Well then" The boy says smiling "If thats how you see it i guess ill just have to kill you"
Melody turns to chase. "I may have not told you about this but now might be a good time to turn me into a weapon. I can switch betwe-"
"Yeah yeah i know what you mean" Chase says standing up, placing Melody on the ground he holds up his arm "Alright Melody, lets see what power you really have" He says "Lets take this posh kid down a couple notches"
Melody looks up at him and nods. She crouches back and bursts into many light spears. Each sphere forms a line in Chases hand
"Scythe" Chase mutters with a creepy tone in his voice
The light spears then explode in his hand leaving a long scythe in Chases hand
Chase swings the scythe back so it is resting on his shoulder and says "You have ten seconds before i turn you into cheese"
The boy smiles and says "I would be impressed by that light show, if it wasent for your choice of weapon. Now seriously? A scythe? What damage do you plan to do with that?"
Chase shrugs and says "I was planin to stab ya a few times, then cut you to pieces and maybe let you live if im in a good mood when i beat you"
The boy laughs "Well then, bring it Chase. I'll just let you know your father was a useless monster hunter. So i dont expect too much from you"
Chase stands in shock and looks at the boy almost in terror. The boy smiles "Whats wrong Chase? Did i hit a nerve?"
The two boys stand alone in the woods, the atmosphere is tense and what could be the end of Chase is about to begin

The mysterious boy stands with a smirk on his face and holds up the sword "Come on Chase, why are you hesitating? I could have killed by by now is i wasent so gener-"
He is quickly interrupted by Chase dashing up close and uppercutting him. The boy gets sent across into a tree and Chase starts to walk away and says "Mention my dad again and i will kill you. You got me?"
The boy pulls himself off of the tree and shouts "You little shit! I was giv-"
Chase interrupts him by flipping him off "You were the one who was boasting about how good you were, how couldn't you block that one?"
The boy gets even more angered by this statement and rushes at Chase "If you're so good why don't you try it!" He scrams swinging at him
Chase slams the scythe onto the ground and steps away, catching the blade on it. While he lifts up the scythe to redirect the blade he stumbles as hes never really used a weapon before and the sword slides up the wrong direction, cutting his hand and forcing him to drop the scythe
The boy has an arrogant grin on his face "Never used a weapon before Chase? Did they not teach the basics of weapon skills at the orphanage?"
Chase stumbles back grabbing his hand in pain and the scythe changes back into Melody. The boy looks down at her smiling "So this is your pathetic excuse for a partner?"
He steps down on her back leg. She lets out a sharp cry of pain and he smiles almost sadistically "Does that hurt?" He syas smiling
He proceeds to increase pressure on her legs until there is a loud snap, and then a loud cry of pain. The boy walks over to chase with the same sadistic smiles on his face. "How about you join in on the fun?" He says taking the sword and running it along his stomach in a diagonal pattern up to his chest "Just remember Chase. These scars. Are so you dont forget whats coming to you"
He brings the sword up to Chases face and cuts another line through his eye, leaning in closer he smiles as he is directly in Chases face "Spread the word Chase. I, Vladis. Will kill everyone"
Before he takes another strike at Chase a large sword strikes him through the face pinning him to a tree. Chase moves back shaking unti he falls back to a tree, blood seeping out of the cuts he was given. He cant see well as the blood is dripping into his eye. All he can see is a blurred vision of Jaden coming towards him. He stops infront of him and looks around "I see you made a scene here... You havent been here even two days and  i have to take you to the hospital twice. you really are going to be a hand full aren't you?"
Chase tries to move towards Melody, Jaden looks down at her and picks her up off the ground "You manage to catch the fox, and yet you still get beat. You must really suck at this. Dont worry, ill whip you two into shape" He says before picking chase up and pulling him over his shoulder. Chase cant keep his eyes open anymore and slowly falls back into darkness

The night progresses slowly for Jaden as he waits around the hospital room for Chase to wake up. Earlier in the day he had Melodies legs tended to and put in a cast. She spends the night sitting next to him, waiting for him to wake up. Every so often she would fall asleep beside him. But not for long, as something inside her is telling her not to leave him un guarded.
The headmaster of the school walks into the room and puts his hand on Jaden's shoulder. "I know the boy is ill but i must have a word with you"
Jaden looks back at him "What do you want? Theres no one around at this hour of the morning so you might as well ask me here"
The headmaster sighs and says "Why did you kill the boy? I know chase was in danger but.."
Jaden looks back to Chase "The boys name was Vladis the son of Kaminari. The one who was in constant war with Chases father. If i didn't kill the child he would have went back to his father and told him chase was in the school. Causing a hell of a firefight between us and them"
The headmaster sighs and looks to chase "To really think that he is the son we have heard so much about. Once he wakes up start him in classes, Kaminaris son is dead. The war will be coming after you soon, and then you will need all the help you can get"
Jaden kees his focus on Chase "Well i have my dorm. They are some strong children. They can help me out of this one" he says with a sympathetic look on his face "To think... just because of his father all of this is going to happen. I actually pity this kid... I'll start him in class tomorrow as you wish"
The headmaster leaves the room and Jaden is left with Chase.
Melody pulls herself over to Jaden and tries to reach out to him. Jaden sits her on his lap and for the rest of the night sits with her waiting for Chase.

the next morning Chase lies on the hospital bed staring at the celling. He has been alone in the room for a while. Jaden went out to get some stuff sorted before Chase moves into the dorm and Melody has been taken to the animal experts to get her legs checked out.
He decides to study some more about some more advanced magic. For some reason he has always been able to learn thunder based magic very easily. Most of the advanced magic for thunder is to do with signs and patterns. But those are used for surprise attack. Theres a lot of ones used for actual fighting but they are nowhere near as strong as the pattern based ones
After a while of studying he decides to take his stuff and go outside to practice. He tases his post inside the training area of he school which isn't too far from the hospital as thats where most of the accidents happen.
Around the area there are many students practicing with they're animal companions on the transformation and weapon skills course.
Chase takes post away from them and takes a lone target to practice on.
After a few minutes of practicing he is sent down to his knees because hes still recovering from the wounds he took along with the lack of power from catching Melody. While he  just waits there on hs knees trying to catch his breath a boy approaches him from the distance.
The boy helps him to his feet and asks "Are you okay?"
The boy is dressed kind of strange. He is wering an open shirt with a grey vest underneath. On his hands he is wearing a set of fingerless leather gloves. He is also wearing a pair of jeans and black runners. His hair is brown and spiked slightly with a pair of fox ears on his head. He has a large fluffy fox tail along with it
"I'm.... I'm fine" Chase says almost embarrassed
The boy helps him get to a seat "You seem like you know what you are doing. But dont push yourself, you look like you got beat up pretty rough. What happened?" The boy asks
Chase looks away slightly "Um.... I... I dont want to talk about it"
The boy nods his head "Ill respect that, so whats your name stranger?"
"I'm Chase" He syas looking back to him "What about you?"
The boy smiles and says "The names Seth. Im one of the few beastmen to come to this school. Could you believe that there were only 6 beastmen to enter the school this year? Out of 800 students, only 6 were beastmen"
Chase looks at him confused "Eight hundred? There wasent that many students there when i got here"
Seth starts to laugh "The first week of the school term is for bringing in freshmen students. Each day they bring in one group. Last seven days, like seriously. Where have you been the past few days to not notice?"
Chase looks away slightly embarrassed again "In the hospital...."
Seth instantly stops laughing and his tail drops "Oh.... sorry man. I should have guessed from how beat up you look"
Chase shakes his head "Dont be sorry. It's not like you would know" he says with a sigh
Seth seems to be awkward and changes the subject "What animal partner do you have?"
Chase looks back and says "Umm one of the giant foxes from the woods around the school. I was in hospital for most of my first day here because i lost all of my energy after catching her, what about you?"
Seth looks at him impressed "Thats amazing. Not many people can go that far into the woods and come back alive, let alone go tame a giant fox. You know what pure bred beastmen are?"
Chase nods his head and says "Yeah i know of them. Theres one in my dorm they are people that look like animals... or animals that look like people.. im not sure what one"
Seth nods his head "Yeah, my animal partner is one of those. Hes a panda, really fucking skinny. Hes kind of a goth, his hair is grey and he always looks like hes always depressed. But me and him knew each other since we were just kids and once we heard that pure bred beastmen qualified as animal companions we were excited for it"
Chase looks a bit confused and says "So does that mean from birth the pure bred had the ability to become weapons?"
Seth shakes his head "No, when a pure bred beastmen wants to be an animal companion they kind of... like once i "captured" him using natures call it gave him the ability. Thats how it works with animals. We use natures call and that gives them the ability to become weapons"
"I guess that makes sense" Chase says quietly
From the distance jaden calls out to them "Hey, what are you two doing out here?"
He walks up to them holding Melody in his arms. He looks at chase "What are you doing out of the hospital? You havent been checked out" He then turns to Seth and says "and what are you doing out of class? I warned you about skipping"
Seth starts panicing and laughing "We...w....well you see -"
Chase stops him and sys "I came out here to do some practice after i done some studying and i collapsed. Seth here helped me up  and over to here, since then he has been keeping me company until i regained the strength to walk on my own"
Jaden looks at Seth quite impressed "You really did that?"
Seth nods his head and laughs nervously "Of course i did, why would i leave him here on his own?"
Jaden smiles and says "Well its nice to see you two getting along as you will be seeing each other a lot more often"
Chase asks him "Why is that?"
Jaden smiles and says "You two will be staying in my dorm, so i guess you are room mates" He turns to Seth and says "Would you mind being Chases room mate? He is not as experienced in monster hunting as you are so i would feel better if you were with him"
Seth nods his head and says "Sure i dont mind. Should be fun"
Jaden smiles and says "Okay you two, i think this is enough outside time for now. Lets go back to the dorm. Chase hasn't seen it yet so i think its hight time he does"
Seth nods and helps Chase to his feet "Once we get back you should rest. We can explore the school after class tomorrow"
Chase nods his head and smiles.
Once he is safe up in the room he is sharing with Seth he lies down on the bed. Before going to sleep he writes one more entry into his diary "So far i have Melody Alex Jaden and Seth... Four amazing people in my dorm... and four amazing people i can call my friends. I think i will get on well here from now on"
He puts his diary away and as soon as the light go out he falls asleep with Melody lying beside him

In the middle of the night Chase is awoken to loud screaming. Its a startling sound, he jumps up in a cold sweat and looks around. Melody is already up looking over at Seth's bed. The boy he talked about, Ken is there. He seems to be calming Seth down, could the screaming really have been him?
After a minute Ken turns around to face Chase and says "I'm sorry. He has terrible nightmares every night. I have to come and calm him down every time he does. We haven't met yet. I'm Ken" He says holding out his hand
Chase shakes his hand and says "Seth told me about you, you two go way back?"
Ken nods his head and sits down beside Seth's bed. "Yeah... We came from the same village. But one day, when we were only kids we were kidnaped. We were forced to do a lot of things, but we got through it because we had each other. When we turned twelve we were forced into monster hunting by our kidnappers. Made do dangerous tasks and collect the bounty for them. We broke free one day, but when we got home.... Everyone thought we had died a long time ago... No one recognized us.. So we decided that... we would just leave the village behind and take up a new life. So i agreed to become his companion through our lives as monster hunters. Hes such a strong person... So i just... Feel safe being around him"
He goes quiet for a second and then smiles at Chase "Lets get off of this topic. How come you decided to come here?"
Chase lies back on the bed and says "When i was a kid... well.... I dont really want to talk about it"
Ken nods and says "Dont worry, you dont have to. I suppose we should get back to sleep. I dont want us to be tired during classes tomorrow"
Chase nods his head "You seem like a nice guy Ken. I'm glad i came to this school. I kind of... Fell like..... Never mind. Ill see you tomorrow" He says rolling over and pulling the blanket over himself and Melody

The next morning Chase wakes up to Melody standing on his chest and staring at him. HE stares at her for a few seconds before asking "What are you doing?"
MElody bites his nose and then says "Staring at you. I'm not used to being around people"
"Well you dont stare at them while they sleep" He says rubbing his eyes and getting out of bed
School starts soon so he gets changed while Melody sits outside. Before leaving he takes one last look at the room. Theres are three beds in total. A bunk bed for Seth and Alex on one side of the room and a single bed for Chase and Melody on the other. In between the two beds there are two small desks for studying. There is a wardrobe beside the door and then in the middle of the room rests a television set. The walls seem blank but Chase can fix that whenever he gets any money
HE takes out another set of clothes he had made himself. He puts on a pair of jeans he put together using the same methods of normal jeans. They dont look home made. Over his T-shirt he puts on the same hoodie he made himself with the fox ears on it
Down in the reception area of the dorm Seth, Ken, and Alex are waiting for Chase. Chase comes in not too long later and Seth smiles "About time you got up. I'm diggin the clothes man. Where did you get them?"
Chase looks down at his clothes and says "umm... I made them myself"
They all look at him for a moment and Alex says "You must be really good at making things...."
Seth laughs and says "Don't mind him hes leading you on"
Chase shakes his head and says "No, i really did make these myself. Since i was a kid i always made clothes on my own"
Seth gets up chuckling to himself "Fine then, prove it to me. Make me a replica of that hoodie, but make the ears hollow so mine can fit inside them. Ya know, so they can be warm without being all scrunched up"
He hands Chase some money and says "This should cover the costs right?"
Chase looks at hom much Seth gave him and says "Yeah thats it more or less. Ill have it done by tomorrow"
Seth looks at him confused "That soon?"
Chase nods his head and says "yeah, but first we have to get to school"

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