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Matthew Cooley Matthew Cooley
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Blood Shed-2- Panic

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      This whole goddamned city was in panic. As for me, I was thinking. The Police Station I was in was full of panic too. I could see several Police and S.W.A.T vehicles sitting outside, remaining stationary. Like they were... up to something. The ear-blazing sirens were bonding with all the panicking screams, which made up for an intolerable scramble. While everyone was trying to get info from the police, I just wanted to get the hell out of there. So I pushed my way towards the glass back door. But to no avail, a stupid police officer stopped me, he seemed around in his forties, he also had that redneck accent from over the eastern parts.

                                     "Hey son, ya'll can't be over here. This here is a containment zone. Ya'll are quarantined in here so ya'll minus well make the best of it."
I responded trying to convince him, "Hey dude, I have family out there. Wouldn't you do the same thing; try to save them." He responded, very angrily."Son I asked you nicely, but now ya'll better go sit the fu-." an infected was approaching the glass door. I interrupted him.

                                  "Hey! Watch out! An infected!." He responded, doubtful that I was telling the truth "Son go listen and sit the fuck down." The infected was now taking whacks at the door. And it was cracking by the second, but you couldn't hear it over this noise. So I tried once again to tell him. "Dumb-ass! It's right there! Move!" But he didn't listen, the infected was preparing for one final swing and, Crash! the door shattered.

                                     The Cop turned around and took out his gun.
"Freeze, asshole!" He shouted it showed no signs of doing so. The infected was slowly approaching the cop. The cop now had his back on a wall, he was cornered. He them aimed his handgun at the infected's body." Take this!" The cop said as he pulled back the handgun's top half. The handgun was a glock. As the handgun was armed, you could tell that  
he was nervous about pulling the trigger. The infected's sudden movement forced him though. We heard a BOCK, and the bullet penetrated his body, and left a bullet hole at the  other side of the room. But the infected did not stop, at all. showed no signs of pain, or mercy. It moved towards him quickly though and put both of it's hands on his shoulders. The cop pulled the gun to the infected's forehead, he screamed "Fuck you!" and pulled the trigger.

                                        It was dead alright. It's brains gave the wall a new coat of paint, and it's blood gave my shirt a new color. It slowly fell back on the floor. This was my chance to escape! The door was shattered open so I took a few steps back and raced through the room towards the door. I heard the cop yell behind me and a few gasps. I jumped through the door with exhilarating adrenaline giving me a boost. Soon enough I was outside on the block. My family was all the way at the other side of town. They lived at Moon Stone st. they were house number 679364. and were also 4 miles away. I had no transportation but my bike. So I minus well start at it now.

                                         I heard a scream in the nearby alleyway and decided to follow it. Yes, I'm stupid. It was a woman's scream."Help! Somebody! I need help!" I ran towards the alleyway. But I was unarmed. Luckily, there was a trash can nearby. I looked in it. There was a Wood Board. Good Enough. I ran into the alley to find a girl, on the floor, laying on her back, with an infected trying to bite her neck off, she was holding it off, but not for long. I needed to help. I sprinted towards them and tried to simulate hitting a golf ball. Steady, and Fore! I swung with all force at the infected's head. I heard both it's head and neck to crack. Now it's head was permanently stuck to the side. With that, it got knocked to the side. It was still alive, and it moaned at me. So I swung over head at it's face. One swing! Two swing! Three swing! Four swing! and I crushed it's head. It's right eye ball was out of it's socket, the left just barely hanging on, the whole face was unreadable just a pile of blood, with a mouth wide open for it.

                       "Are you okay?" I asked the damsel in distress. "Better." I held my hand to her, to lift her up. She took my hand, and I brought her up. "Thanks for that." she then looked at the poor infected. "Man, you fucked that thing up, thank you." I responded, with shy-fullness "Uh... your welcome. My names James." She responded, without hesitation. "Name's Michelle." She looked beautiful, she was about five foot. Was a brunette. Cute face, with a nose that was neither too small or too long, but was the perfect size. mouth with a little bit of an over bite. Crystal blue. and her body was probably chiseled by the gods themselves. She was perfect.

                                    "Well we should probably go somewhere, safer." I said.
Cause it was getting dark. which was dangerous. So we headed back to my shitty trailer.

Next on Blood Shed.  James finds out his divorced wife has a secret.......
                        And Michelle is hiding something.................
        Will he leave to a save haven with Michelle, or his divorced wife and kid........ Find out on Blood Shed-3-Secrets

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