Davide Castel Davide Castel
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'awfful' should be awful.

Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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Thank you for being my spell-checker, Lucy! I appreciate it. In grade school, I never excelled at any of my subjects, but I always got an A+ in recess.

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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
Recommendations: 18

Read Me, C me.

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soul mates

This is my battle cry against The Censor. The censor is that insistent voice in your head that continually tries to tell you about THE GREAT I CAN`T. That is a bunch of hooey! You can, and you will!

You don`t have to read me, you know
but, nevertheless, I see you have
which tells me one thing
and that is, you have an open mind
cause the fact of it is
your mind is not at all like a book
that you can just open
to a favourite chapter
at any given time
and then close it up again
because you read something
that offended you

Don`t be an old biddy
like a creaky relic
from last century
because, you see
the fact is, my dear
you can never please everyone
but, you may, by all means
please Thyself

The true test of a writer
is their ability
to evoke, to provoke
to instill,to inspire
or perhaps
to disturb
the already muddy
Hey, that`s cool!

Or would you rather
live in Neverland
to stick your neck in the sand
like some breathless ostrich
dumb bird
he buried his brain
because he couldn`t bear
to hear the awful truth
and, thusly
and quite deservedly
lost his perspective
on Life
C ?
Say, can you dig IT? 2 comments

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