Warren Gates Warren Gates
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I like this line, and how it leads to the end of your poem. Love is a pwerful emotion, but not reliable.

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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Loves mask

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soul mates

Some pain is like a drug.
I’ve never been addicted to pills,
Just addicted to love.

When I say I’m yours, I mean it.
There is no inside, out side,
No in between it.

Love does funny things.
It makes you want to run and jump,
And makes you feel like for once you can spread your wings.

The thing is, it also makes you blind,
So much so, that you become the mask,
That you once hid behind.

But when your heart and your mind shine through,
They don’t see the mask,
They see… you. 1 comment

Now you’re alone again,
Trusting no one but you.
And the pain, it’s worse that it has ever been.

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