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Allen Clarke Allen Clarke
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This Here`s for Dads, Even if You Felt Like You Never Had One.

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Again, I cannot explain why these words come to me in the midnight season. All I know, and all I`ll ever need to know is that there is a Force that compells me to do so. For now, I see through a glass darkly, but, someday, I will see more clearly, as the wisdom of sufficient enlightenment, comes to me.

Some say they are invincible. I just don`t think so. In fact, I have the inside track. And you might wonder how I know this to be fact. The fact is,I created Them. I created them perfect. But somewhere along the line, they decided that they didn`t need me anymore. You may have seen them here and there. I know, you just thought They were just a figment of your imagination. But, hey, give yourself some credit. Be big enough to admit you know you saw something. By the way, that weird noise you heard. That was real too. That was Them. You went looking for the source of the happening, and you couldn`t locate it. That`s O.K, too. Don`t get down on yourself for it. They shift their form like you wouldn`t believe. I should know. I gave Them that ability. Only I can see Them. They can`t hide from me.

I know. It`s almost like I can read your mind. You think I`m flipped, don`t you? C`mon, admit it! That`s O.K. I get that all the time. I`ve been getting it since the beginning of Time. You see, they tried to take my Power. I can still feel their pain. You see, you can`t easily wrest Power from someone so big that you can never hope to understand Him. I`m just kinda trying to push back some cloud from your understanding.

I saw you last year standing on that street corner in that city. You were about to step off the curb and turned to look the right way just in the nick of time. Another few seconds and you would not be sitting there reading this. You felt the heady rush of wind as the city transit just grazed your nose. Do you really think that was coincidence? The fact is, I`ve got my eye on you. Did you imagine someone pushed you out of harm`s way?  There was no one close enough to you to prevent you from being scraped off the front of that bus. Or was there? Obviously, there had to be. Me.

There were other times when you thought you got lucky. Do you remember those missed appointments which you thought were huge dissapointments? I intercepted you. I made sure that X did not intersect with Y. Y being you. And X, being Them. I foiled your plans for certain disaster. That malfunctioning plane that went down in the Peruvian jungle a couple of years ago. Actually, I was standing behind the mechanic who forgot to tighten that last bolt before take-off. Is the picture getting any clearer? You see, I see in supersonic high-def. My vision is crystal clear. Up to....oh, never mind, you wouldn`t believe that, anyway. Or maybe, you would.

You have enemies that you know nothing about. That`s precisely the reason why I am here. There are people out there who know more about you than you know about yourself. No, it`s not cloak and dagger. It`s just the truth. There are puppetmasters of this world, but I have the final word. I hold the breath of every living thing in the palm of my Hand. I know what`s going on in your mind. In my case, absolute Power is a good thing. If the world slowed down in its daily revolution, the earth, would fry to a crispy ball. That`s if you know what I`m saying.

I`ll end on this note. Ha, ha ha!!! Now that`s downright humorous! I have no end. I have no beginning. I`ve always been here. I`m there in the rain, the heat, and the snow. I`ll be there in your spring, summer, fall and winter. My voice is in the thunder. My Power is in the lightning. My name is Awesome.

The greatest wonder of all was when you were born. I was there in the delivery room, and I watched you take your first steps. I wanted to run to you when you fell off your bike,and skinned your knee, but, instead your dad was there,fussing over you. I remember your first day of school. I nudged your conscience on your first date. I was there for all the momentous occasions of your life. But I was also there, when you felt, like, you wanted to jump off the edge of the world. I was there in the beginning. I`ll be there at your final moment. When, at last you fall asleep for the last time, you will wake up in my world.

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