John Tucker John Tucker
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barren instead of baron

Paul Day Paul Day
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You know I didn't even notice that was wrong. Just goes to show. :)

John Tucker John Tucker
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should god be capitalized??

Paul Day Paul Day
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Actually know. I wanted to draw a distinction between the God of our world and the god of this fantasy world, so I decided not to capitalise in this case.

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Paul Day Paul Day
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The Millennium Man

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soul mates

An ancient man sits in meditation overlooking the valley where the final war will take place as he pleads to the heavens to intervene.

On a lowly barren hill,
quietly in repose,
an ancient man is seated,
before heaven’s throne. 2 comments

In prayer he asks for nothing,
but to still disarming thoughts;
to rescue all humanity,
from the present wars.

So old, so wise,
his age belies,
an aching in his heart.
For all the world
Is at an end
and soon to rip apart.

He’s outlived wars like this one,
so many times before.
But even he could not prevent,
The coming final war.

He lifts his head towards the stars
and a tear forms in his eye.
He begs his god a question,
“Did you ever wonder why?” 2 comments

No answer there is given,
as he sits so still and calm.
He holds his fist against his chest,
clasping mercy’s charm.

So cold and fearful,
are the days,
the prophecy foretold.
But even he did not imagine,
humanity would be
so bold.

He stands upon his ageing legs,
unsteady as he squints.
With a hand over his stinging eyes
he searches for a hint.

But no sign to change the present,
for the future now is set.
All has come to nothing now,
where life and death have met.

So dreadful is tomorrow,
for the sins
of yesterday.
So pointless are prayers now,
of the millennium man,
this final day.

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