Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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Great starting stanza - I can relate :)

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - And yet you come with fears of your own, Taking solace in my company. - " Great line!

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Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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Ex umbris

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soul mates

Mediam noctem florem meam.

To be content alone is better
Than to be miserable with company.
Thus was my tenet. 1 comment

An innocuous act, a gaffe of my prohibitive insecurities,
Let slip the words before they had formed.
And so now, we are friends.

With each passing laughter, each thought co-enjoyed,
A looming dread chokes my soul.
Vulnerability had led to my demise.

Years of tears, moments of silent eulogies,
Have led to the unassailable fort before you.
The walls crumble of their own accord.

No, your light's at fault, your soul the victor.
The fair conqueror knocking simply at the ridden bricks
With wounds and scars as familiar as my own
And a tender heart in sync with mine.

The Sleeping One long-thought slain yawns within,
Beating against my determined chest.
With wailing memories and howling fears,
I unlatch the cage.

Trembling hands sealed with tears clamp down.
I hold the line.
And yet you come with fears of your own,
Taking solace in my company. 1 comment

The night is hushed, teetering at the precipice
Of decisions and doubt.

Purple bands herald the dawn's arrival
And with it, a resolute desire.
A will to be. With you.

Petrified, I drown in whispers of the past.

And yet here I am,
Ex umbris.

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