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Arien Mills Arien Mills
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I Promise

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She had a friend.

      "I'm Afraid," she says, staring at the floor. Her eyes are misted, her little hands clasped one in the other, her small body balancing on his knee.
        "What are you afraid of? There's nothing to worry about, sweetie. I'll always be with you, you know." She looks in his eyes, and her trembling lip turns to a light smile before disappearing again into a pathetic quiver, as if she is trying with all her might to keep from bursting into tears. "But what if, when I go, I forget you? What if you forget about me?"
        "I could never forget you! You are my daughter, and father's don't forget about their daughters. They never stop loving them. They never stop thinking about their children when they've gone. Remember when your sisters left? Have either of us ever forgotten about them? Or your brothers?"      
         "No, of course not! I miss them now, but you told me once that there is where our family is, those that have passed on. That's where Sarah and Lisa are, and John and Sam, and others who have gone on. I trust you, father, and I trust your teachings. But I'm not sure I trust myself. How do I know I will see you again?"
        "It's just one of those things, child. You won't know until you find out. I know I won't forget you. I love you more than you will ever know," he says, tears now hinting at his hidden despair, nose reddening with emotion. But he is strong and brave for his child, like every parent knows how to be in a time of need. "I will never forget you, and I will always look for you. But I admit I am afraid as well. I am your father, and I am afraid you will forget me."
        "It is the same way, daddy. I could never forget you, because I am your daughter, and daughters dont forget their father's."
        "If only that were so. Promise me, when you go, that you won't forget me? I will be here without you. You will be learning so many things, gaining experiences, growing to maturity and happiness without me. You must go on. It is your time, and it pains me to say goodbye. Promise me you won't forget me! Promise me!" at this, the father begins to cry. He has cried many times before. He has seen his children go, he has seen his family disappear, and he knows this beautiful one will not be the last to leave.
        "I promise, daddy! Cross my heart. But, I am still afraid. Does it hurt? Does it hurt to move on?" she asks, pleading in her voice and tears beginning to flow at the sight of her father's cries.
          "No. The other side is but a small step. I have always tried my best to protect you, from pain, from suffering. I want you to be with me always, but it is not possible. The plan has been in effect since the beginning of manhood, when your brother created the heavens and the earth, and the plan was created. You are part of this plan, and being born and dying is necessary. I am just so sorry you are leaving so soon." the father spoke gently, reassuring the youth.
        Suddenly, the little girl in the white gown looks into her father's eyes, a wistful smile lighting her lips. Her eyes are going dark, her form becoming paler, lighter; a soul leaving a father's arms.
        "I'll come back," she says, "we will see each other again!"
        "I believe you." he answers. The tiny life is gone, with nothing left in his arms.
        Another man enters, His Son. "she's gone." the father sighs. The second man puts a hand on his father's shoulder; He is the little girls elder brother. He stood by, watching as she left. Tears glistened on his cheeks.
        "She will face hardships. We must watch her closely, and help whenever we can. Earth is a diffcult place these days, worse even than times of old. But I know her well, Father, as do you. She will succeed. Her spirit is strong, her faith great. I have high hopes of her return." the Brother says.
        "You are right. All we have left to do is watch and wait. It is up to her now." With that, the Father and the Brother left the little room where her spirit, only moments before, sat waiting for her turn. There were more to visit before departure, more to pain their souls and create longing in their hearts. But eventually, they both knew, they would see these souls again. All there was left to see, was whether they would be able to stay.

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