Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
Recommendations: 35

Good so far, but for me I have to say the first line doesn't make much sense

Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

maybe a comma after His lines and another after ghost sheets and yet another after now empty would make this read a little better.

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

Shaunna, I hope the rest filled it in for you. Don, I meant it to read that way, but thank you for the suggestions.

David Anderson David Anderson
Recommendations: 2

I have to say that the first line did fit, giving the context of the rest. Again, nicely done and very well explained... And heart felt.

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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19


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soul mates

Soft curve within my pillow
sweet scent upon my bed
the dwelling places where my love
once rested form and head

His lines ghost sheets now empty
they haunt me day and night
it matters not how hard I try
forgetting's out of sight 5 comments

Memories flood my being
just lying next to them
my heart beats with their rhythm
and squeezes without him

How to fill what's empty
yet still so full inside?
How to face the future~
turn this lonely tide? 2 comments

I don't have an answer
nothing seems to fit
so step by step I'll stumble on
blindly seeking it

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