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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Bad Day

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This is the very first song I ever wrote. In 1986.  I found the original recently and was happy to find the date because honestly I could not remember.  I once played this, with my drummer, in front of a disinterested college crowd in the late 80's :)

Having a bad day.
Seems like a bad dream.
Running around, falling down,
I’m the one with the frown.

Having a bad day.
Going the wrong way.
I close my eyes
But it doesn’t go away.

And tomorrow
Where will I be?
Upside down in the pouring rain
A situation I can’t explain.

It always seems to end this way
Foot in my mouth, flat on my face.
Going in the outdoor
wrong time, wrong place

Having a bad day.
Lost in confusion.
The phone is dead, the car won’t start,
The lights burnt out I’m in the dark.

Having a bad day.
Wish I could run away,
Disappear into the clouds,
And turn my music way up loud.

The world could stop turning
for just a while

I won’t care
I won’t be there.

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