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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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I cry in the darkest of nights, I lay in the darkness waiting for the next day to bring it's out
comes. I wait for all the downfalls that have come so naturally to me in the past. I have had enough of all these crossed wired signals you keep giving me.

Can you please give me a chance to prove myself instead of having you wait and pounce on me as soon as you feel like I have done something wrong. Can you just let me live my life and if I make mistakes along the way I will pick myself up and learn from them.

I am sick of how I feel like I live in two different worlds and you expect me to live in the one that you think you have preset for me. I will show you that I am capable and with a little more effort I will reach and make my dreams come true.

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