Daniel Sintos Daniel Sintos
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"Your loss too at my failure" <--- This came across a bit awkward to me. Perhaps rephrasing it to make it clearer? Then again, it could be just me.

Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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You are correct Daniel. I have a line to insert here.

Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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I have added the last line.

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Joel Pickett Joel Pickett
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You And I

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soul mates

I will see you again.
Again when days end.
Perhaps to hold you
as I should have
when we parted.
I could not have known
I would feel this way.
I should have known
but I denied my loss.
Your loss too when I left you.
My plan was to go
and not return.
To save us both the pain of the end.
I should have known.
If we would but meet again
when days end.
Perhaps you and I will meet again,
when my days end. 3 comments

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