Jim Miller Jim Miller
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instead of being, how about as it is?

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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the punctuation is a bit confusing in the second line. freezing-cold-yet-firey might work.

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Elizabeth Tan Elizabeth Tan
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Always so Cold

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soul mates

The cold murders me slowly.
It bites into my bones
and freezes my frail veins that
struggle to stay open so
my bleak blood can
crawl through.

My hands turn blue
and appear so very fragile.
Touch them too hard and they
would surely break and disintergrate
into nothing.

My feet are numb and no longer
part of my legs.
I cannot feel them as my
shins feel like bamboo being
twisted and snapped,
fibre by fibre, as the cold
strangles my limbs. 1 comment

The cold electricutes my brain.
It pulsates freezing cold shocks
of agony into my skull.
My body is sent into a spasm of shivering
to try and generate the
heat I desperately need. 1 comment

Limb by limb.
Cell by cell.
My body is shutting down.
I hug my knees up to my chest to try
and retain the small flame of warmth
within my soul.
But it's no use....
My body cannot survive.

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