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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Hidden moon

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

"God, I'm so going to fail this English test!" yelled Lisa.
       "Oh I know! I studied, but then I got bored in the middle of it and started to doodle." Nicki said calmly.
       Then the teacher entered the room. "Now there is a test today as you all know, but you may not know tomorrow will be the due date for your one pager."
       'Aww's, loud and boisterous echoing throughout the room, magnifing in my ears, making me cringe.
       Just then Maggie, a complete and total ditz came strolling on in. I guess you could say elegantly, almost floating on the brown-red carpet. I, being the gender I am, didn’t see anything good about her. Yes, she had the body of a peacock, elegant, proud, colorful, eye-catching and breathtaking, but inside it was like that peacock had just been hit by a 16-wheeler.
       At home I can be my beautiful self but here, out here, I have to blend in. So I keep to myself, but blending in is just so boring. Standing out looks like so much more fun, but with my 'natural beauty' there was no way they wouldn't notice. They would soon know that something was up.
       "Yasmin! Stop your daydreaming, and get to work on your test. I will not give you another make-up test!" The teacher yelled, interrupting my daydream.
       Turns out I had already lost half of my testing time. If only I could be my natural, beautiful self. I would stun those teachers so much that they would have to give me a 100%, just because I'm perfect like that.                                                                                                                                                        
       After school, I began to walk through the gates, and to my surprise into Mike Lefie.
       "Oh, I am so sorry!" Mike spoke. In response to me falling flat on my back, he out-stretched his hand. I sat there, and could feel it on him, the immense aura emanating from his pores, spilling over me like a tidal wave. In that moment I felt that he was not human either.
       Hand still out-stretched, he asked, "Are you gonna grab hold or sit down there all day?"
       "You know, this is oddly comfortable," I said, finishing with a smile.
       He smiled back with his reply, "Well, if you want to stay down there, then so be it, but there’s bugs and things down there."
       "You do have a point. On second thought, I will take that hand now if I may," I wittily replied.
            "Well... I'm not so sure," he said teasingly, as he pulled back his hand.
            "Oh, I see how it is." I put my hand on the ground getting ready to stand. Just then, he reached out his hand again, and smiled. As I take his hand, he pulls me up, and into him. In my ear, he whispers, "I can smell you, vampire."
I pull away from him with a horrified look.
           "What? You have never been hugged before?" He asked, smugly. I got this immense pounding, and an unignorable feeling that with just one bump, my "normal" existence slipped right through my slender white fingers.

My fear was correct. He could smell me just as well as I could smell him. If not better. Also, I was hoping the smell that emanated from him was just strong cologne. I was wrong. For him to be able to smell my essence, he had to be a vampire. I was shot out of my thinking by my phone singing.
       "Who could be texting me at this time of night," I exclaimed. For your see, it was 11 o'clock at night, and no one ever talked to me. So who would have my phone number, I'm not sure. Cautiously I opened my phone, and read to myself 'Downstairs, in the lobby, let’s meet.'
       "What?!” I yelled, and then thought to myself, should I go, or should I stay? Almost as a response to my in-head question, I got another text.
       'It's not a suggestion, it's a demand.'
       So, no longer hesitating, I went downstairs, for fear of my life. Which was odd. I was a vampire! I was strong, intelligent, beautiful, and persuasive. Yet I still felt an unshakeable feeling of fear. By the time I got done assessing my fears, and how unreasonable, I was downstairs in the lobby.
       "Hello Yasmin." He spoke softly, but ever so harshly.
       I walked up to him casually, hoping he wouldn't be able to sense, or smell, my fear. "Mike, how did you..."
       "Don't worry about it. We have to leave right now!" there was a true sense of urgency in his voice.
       He took my hand, and while his voice was stern, his grip was gentle. He was pale, his skin was abnormally soft, and he had an attracting aura and a certain smell amongst him. As I thought, the wind blew and I smelled an unfamiliar "musk". It wasn't Mike. Even in the little time I had known him, I knew his smell all too well. No, this smell was someone else. More harsh and determined. You see, each vampire has a similar smell, but distinctly different, but usually you can tell what they were feeling, and if your nose was good enough, you could tell who it was.
       Mike smelled it too. His "musk" went from urgent, to a bit worried, as he picked up the pace of his run. There was no doubt now that we were being followed. That smell, the one from before, kept getting closer and closer. Just as Mike would pick up speed, as would it. We didn't stand a chance of outrunning him. I knew it, and Mike knew it too. Yet he kept running, and by now, he was at his full speed... Well, his human one. Then, in a spontaneous and desperate urge, he ran at full speed. A speed so quick, that he was practically dragging me by my hand.
       Just then, the smell stopped, but that didn't seem to matter. He kept running for a few minutes or so, then came to a jolting, dead stop. In front of us, just a few yards, was a man engulfed in shadows. Despite the shadows, I could see the silhouette of a man. Just then, the breeze shifted our way, and I smelled it again. The "musk". That smell, it came from the shadowed figure! And in that slight breeze came a dead silence. As I realized that this "man" was a vampire as well.
“Hello….. Mike,” the man said.
       “Hello Darion.”
       The man in shadows finally stepped out.
       “I see you have beaten me to the punch.”
       Mike was quiet, and so was I. I stood there looking at the man. He must have been 7 feet tall, at least. Then suddenly the man set his sights on me. Looking deeply into my eyes. Yes, even though he was still yards away it felt like he was standing near me, his face inches away from mine and his eyes tearing a hole in my soul.
       “Oh, I see. You haven’t told her yet.” A wide grin stretched across his face.
       “Shut up!” Mike retorted.
       “Am I right?” He looked at me. “Did he indeed not tell you?”
       “You shut your filthy, putrid mouth!”
       Almost as fast as lightening a fist came flying towards Mike’s face. Mike was just barely able to move his head fast enough, so there was a fist right between me and Mike’s head.
       “You call me that again I will make your face regret it,” he said flatly. Then he stole my hand from Mike and raced me back into the shadows.
       “Yasmin!” Mike yelled, his hand outstretched. His screams didn’t mean a thing, as we were already too far for me to get away to him. Just a few minutes after my capture, we came to a cabin, and he set me in a chair.
       “What do you want with me?” I yelled.
       “Oh Yasmina, you truly are in the dark aren’t you”
       I had never noticed it before, but he had many of the same features as a character named Dimitri in a book I read last year.  Um… Vampire Academy, I believe. While it was intriguing to see how humans viewed vampires. Great plot, bad facts, but not far off in some cases, but anyway, back to the guy. He was much like Dimitri, but he had a slight British accent rather than Russian.
       “What are you talking about?!”
       “Do you want me to tell you” he whispered.
       I started to shake. “Of course I do!”
       He got close to my face and his eyes were in mine again, buried. It felt as if he was stealing my soul, ripping out parts of me that I had locked away under tight security. My sister, my dad, everything that I had tried so hard to push out of my mind. It was agony, but I still felt I had to look. Finally I broke away, I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take his gaze, his judgment, his disgust. Even though I could feel his gaze upon me, I didn’t have the power to return it. For if I did it would surely be the end of me. He finally pulled away, and I returned my head.
       “I see young miss. I see now why you have the power.”
       I was confused. What power could he possibly be talking about? “What?”
       “The power,” he said flatly.
       “What? What are you talking about!?”
       “All vampires have a power. Some shrink and grow, some teleport, some, like I, read minds.”
       So that was it. I felt like he was uncovering all my secrets, and he was.
       “So what, now you know all my dirty little secrets. What do you plan to do with all that knowledge, huh?”
       “I’ll keep it a secret.” He grabbed my shoulders, sympathy in his eyes this time. “I will never tell a soul.”
       Caught off guard, I asked in a pondering voice, “Then… why?”
       He backed off. I looked him up and down, still trying to figure him out. “Because… I need to know.”
       “Know what?”
       “What gave you that power.”
       “What power?! I thought you looked in my brain! So you should know as well as me that I am helpless. Don’t you think that if I had some awesome power I would have used it on him!?” I looked shocked. I couldn’t believe I had even said that. And apparently neither could he, but he could see the frustration and pain in my eyes. I could feel his sympathy.
       “I’m sorry.”
       “Wha… What?”  He had caught me by surprise again.
       “I am sorry. You spent all your life trying to bury everything and I just uncovered it all, and I’m sorry.”

“I… I… I just wanted it to end.”
       He sat beside me, seemingly calm and understanding. And to my surprise, he put his head in his hands, and I heard a sobbing noise. Then I realized He… He was… was crying.
I stared at the sight just a bit longer. Wishing I was the one who could read minds. “Are you… Are you…” but before I finished, he had popped his head up and said “I just have a very simple problem, that’s all.”
       “If it’s so simple, then why are you crying?”
       “Because I was sent by your father to find you and take you to him.”
       “I just don’t know what to do. ‘Cause he is on his way but after seeing you put through that, I just feel awful about doing this, but there’s nothing I can do.”
       “Yes there is! Let me go!”
       “Oh but I can’t do that, your father will surely kill me.”
       “Then run with me!”
       “Are you serious?”
       I grabbed his arms. “You’re welcome to come with me, in fact, I want you to.” He hesitated.
       “Okay, I will, but we better hurry before they get here,” he said after thinking for a few seconds.”
       “Well what about Mike?” I asked.
       “What about him?”
       “We have to go find him!” I started to walk away. Then he grabbed my elbow.
       “I don’t know how you will react but he… he is with your father.”
       I could feel it overwhelm my chest cavity. I am a D-cup, so trust me, that’s a lot to whelm.
       “NO!” I spontaneously yelled. “He was trying to save me!”
       “He was trying to keep the reward all to himself!”
       “Um, so were you!”
       “Yeah but I swore that I would be the one thing that the reward never got.”
       “What’s uh… What’s the reward?” I asked cautiously.
       He stood there quietly and tilted his head down.
       “What is the reward!?”
       “Shhh.” He put his hand over my mouth. “Listen.”
       I moved his hand and listened. “A soft rumbling noise, followed by… gravel, hitting a… Hitting a car!” I whispered.
       “We have to go now!” He looked fearful, not just for him but for me too. “Grab a hold!” He put out his hand. Not even really thinking about it, I hugged him instead.
       And I looked up at him once more. He looked at me surprised for a few seconds. Then we were off.
Once we were safely in another log cabin… What is up with him and log cabins? And why so many abandoned ones on hand? Anyway, back to the cabin. I spoke up.
       “Now that were safe, what is the reward?!”
       “I was hoping you had forgotten about that.”  He bowed his head.
       “Tell me!”
       “You. You are the reward.”
       Surprise spread across my face. “What? What do you mean I am the reward? How can I be the reward? I would serve no purpose to anyone!”
       He looked to the side, disgusted with what he was about to say. “And they…” He looked even more disgusted.
       “And they…?”
       He didn’t respond.
       “And they what?!” I yelled.
       “And they can do anything they want with you!” He yelled back.
       I stumbled back and tripped over something on the floor and fell flat on my back.
       “What… what do you mean anything?”
       He moved his head, glaring in disgust again.
       “Anything. No limits.”
       I stood there, in astonishment.
       And again he spoke. “Anything.” He said again, almost as if saying it would make it go away. “How could a father…” He never finished.
       I smiled and looked at him, never noticing his beautiful aqua marine eyes.
       “Then we’ll just have to stop them.”
       His disgust faded away with my spontaneous and odd cockiness.
       “Hey, may I ask why they even want me.”
       “Have you lived around other vampires?”
       “Well no, not really. I was home schooled by my… parental guardian.”
       “Oh well that would explain it.”
       “Explain what?”
       “Let me explain. Most vampires are, for loss of a better word, toothpicks. They have blonde, angelic hair or shimmering black hair, and rare as it is even a fiery tavern red. Also, they are flat chested and they have a butt to match their chest.” He looked me up and down. I too looked at myself. “As I’m sure you can tell, you are exactly the opposite of the other vampires. That’s why you blend in so well in a human community.”
       So that would explain why no one thought anything. “Okay, so what you’re saying is that I look like a human?”
       “Yes pretty much.”
       “So in turn guys want humans more than they want their own?”
       “No, it’s more like they want someone more filled out. A woman, not a child.”
       I looked down. A woman? I was 15, almost 16. I did not view myself as a woman yet.
Then I remembered. “Oh yeah, you never told me what my power is.”
       He seemed shocked that I had brought it up. “Oh! Um, well you have the power to heal.”
       “You have the power to heal.”
       “Yeah, but that’s… that’s not a real power. That’s some stupid human’s idea of a power, right!?” I said, unbelieving and hoping, hoping that he was just yanking my chain, pulling my leg, messing around, kidding, something.
       “I was shocked too but after witnessing it myself I was amazed.”
       “What? What do you mean witnessing it? I have never used a power.” I spoke, confused.
       “But you did. When your father told me that he had beaten your sister to death and told you to take care of it and he went to bed. Also that when he got up Catarina was fine. Not a bruise on her.” He said, with fascination in his eyes.
       “NO! THAT NEVER HAPPENED! HE’S A LIAR!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
       “I saw you do it myself.”
       “What? When?” I asked, my confusion clearly written on my face.
       “I witnessed it myself when I punched Mike. He was healed by the time we took off.”
       “But… but you didn’t hit him it missed!"

“Whoa. So what you’re saying is your brain over lapsed?” He asked, shocked.
       “No, what I’m saying is that you never hit him! I saw it with my own eyes, he moved out of the way!”
       “No he didn’t. He fell flat on his back. Then you walked up to him and held his hand, and all of the bleeding had stopped.”
       “No it didn’t! You can even read my mind! I think you’re the delusional one here.”
       He had a slight smile on his face as he walked up to me and gazed into my eyes. I could feel it. I could feel him digging and then it stopped. He must have found the memory clip. A few more seconds in my eyes then he vanished out of my mind. He was now in himself and clearly astonished to find that I indeed was not lying about what I saw.
       “Well?” I asked, already knowing the answer.
       “Wow. All I can say is wow!”
       “What happened?”
       “It’s like your eyes paused for a little while, but your body and brain still thought and moved. Seeming to not need your consultance.” He stood there, almost as amazed as I was confused, but as his face grew darker. So did his thoughts, I could sense them.
       “What? What’s wrong?”
       “Your brain thought of him as saving you and you didn’t want him to get hurt, correct?” he asked inquisitively.
       “Correct.” I hesitated, “Why?”
       “Because if your brain blocked out a measly little punch then… how is it possible that you witnessed all of your sisters abuse.”
       “What are you…? No! There’s no way!”
       “Yasmin, when was the last time you saw Catarina?”
       “Trini? Well… I haven’t seen her since well… 2005.”
       “And how did she look?”
       “Fine, great!” I said. “She had been in college and had written me every day. It’s only recently that she quit.”
       “I saw her just a few days ago.”
       A look of shock spread across my face.
       “What? Where?!”
       He hesitated.
       “With your… father.”
       My shock increased.
       “What?!?! She would never!” I looked down and quietly repeated, “Never.”
       “Well she is and now…” He trailed off.
       “NOW? Now what?!”
       “Now she is his partner,” he said, further hesitating.
       “You mean in crime?”
            He hesitated still. Even though feeling the hurt in my soul. Knowing, knowing that I knew what he was getting at, he could not meet my eyes. At last he spoke.
            “No… more.”
            It hit me, I had already known what he was going to say, but every part of my body begged for me to be wrong, pleaded for me to have just jumped to a conclusion. So when it hit me it was like I had just been punched in the stomach. My stomach twisted, and turned in a gut wrenching motion. My stomach was so twisted it could have substituted as Poe’s brain. I could feel them, taste them, the big salty tears that had formed in my eyes, and were now creating a smooth steady stream, trickling down either side of my face. To my surprise I heard I muffled sniffle, that wasn’t my own. I soon realized that he too was crying. I couldn’t stop; I wanted to though, oh how I wanted to. I wanted to comfort him; I wanted him to comfort me! I got on my knees, and flung myself into his arms, nuzzling my face into his chest. He waited, and then wrapped his arms around me. Then I heard a choked voice speak out amongst the tears ever so softly.
            “I’m sorry.”
            Though I shouldn’t have been I was surprised, but I didn’t lift my head from his now tear drenched chest,
            “I’m so, so, sorry.
When I awoke I was on the cabin bed, and covered up in a warm, plush comforter. So where had Darion gone?
            “Hello? Is anyone here?”
            No response. I got up and went down the hall and came to a kitchen. There was food on the counter and pots, and pans, and plates in the cupboards. When I got closer I saw a note on the fridge.

Hello. So it’s safe to say you’re awake :)  There is food in the fridge, and kitchen necessities in the cupboards. Make yourself a nice healthy lunch, not chips or any of the other things you usually eat every day. Okay, well I’ll be off now, bye.

         I closed the note. Well that was a bummer. I could tell today was going to be a boring one. So I decided to just talk to myself, while I make some yummy, healthy lunch.
            “Why does he care if it’s healthy? Who does he think he is my father?!
            I stopped dead in my tracks, surprised at what had just flowed out of my mouth like it was no big deal! My definition of father was different than everyone else’s. I could not say he thought he was my father, because my father was a cruel abusive man, who made me witness and go through things I would rather not dig back up. No, Darion was none of those things, he didn’t see himself as any of those things, nor did he want to be any of those things. If anything I would say he was more like a protective, older brother to me.
            “Yeah I like that! Big brother. It makes it seem less creepy about traveling, and living with a man I barely know.” I smiled at the thought.
            I had always wanted an older brother, a man who would stand up to my father and set my sister and I free. My smile slipped away, as the smell of smoke slinked into my nose, then the realization came that as I had been dreaming my lunch was just burning away, and the smoke alarms seemed to be in agony. I took my burnt crisp off of the stove, and started trying to turn off the alarm, but with no prevail. So I decided to switch to a more destructive, and efficient way. I got down from the chair, and got one of those pans from the kitchen, and with no hesitation, pulverized the alarm until it dangled by just a few minuscule wires, and was spouting out a low droning sound. Then coming from the doorway I heard a voice.
       “Well that was quite a show.”
       I quickly turned and in my haste I slipped. I closed my eyes, waiting for the thud and pain that accompanied the fall. To my surprise, I felt as light as a feather, and as I opened my eyes, they got locked onto and lost into his aquamarine eyes. He was smiling with both his eyes and his mouth, it was a warm and comforting feeling being in those eyes and I felt safe for the first time in a while.  I blushed and turned my head, and finally found the courage to speak.
       “Shut up,” I breathed, almost inaudible.
       His smile got wider. “Then explain what happened?” He spoke tauntingly.
       I thought about what details I should divulge and what I shouldn’t. “Well you see, I was cooking…” He cut me off.
       “Say no more, I know what happened.”
       “What, you do not.”
       “I do too. You were cooking eggs, then you got lost in an apparently enjoyable daydream about me being your brother figure and the eggs burned, and then, you beat the living crud out of the fire alarm.”
       I looked down and started biting my nails. “I wish you wouldn’t do that,” I said softly.
       His smiled faded and turned into worry. “Do what?”
       I spoke quietly. “Read my mind.”
       “I didn’t.”
       “Then how did you know what happened,” I asked accusingly.
       “You said it. I’ve been watching you for a while now.”
       “Oh.” I looked down. I felt stupid and silly. “Sorry.”
       He smiled one of his gentle, cradling smiles. “It’s all right. Big Brother Darion, I like the sound of that.”
       I looked at him, surprised. A smile was all that adorned his face.
       “And besides Yasmin, it’s not like we need a fire alarm. I mean were just vampires that die by fire, and were just in a log cabin with a wood burning stove, and a fire place. A fire alarm is just useless!” He spoke with a sarcastic air in his voice.      
       I glared at his response.
       “Come on lets go.” He led me to the living room.
The next week was pretty uneventful. I basically stayed in the cabin 24/7. We talked and found out more about each other, like, how his mother was from Ohio, Wooster, Ohio, to be exact. But his father came from Britain. He didn’t say much about his father. He seemed to not thing so fondly of him. Needless to say, I was closer to him than many of my own family members.
       “So what about your aunt and uncle or any of them?” He asked.
       “They never believed me.”
       “Could they not see the bruises?”
       “They accused me of hurting myself to get attention from my father.”
       “That’s so … so …” He was at a loss for words.
       “That’s not even the worse part.” I hesitated but I already opened that door so I couldn’t just abandon it, “When I would deny that I had inflicted the bruises on myself, they would hit me.”
       He looked to the side, disgusted.
       “That’s cruel!”
       “Yeah. After that, I went into a spiraling depression. I started to believe that I deserved to be hit and that it was my fault that Trini ….. Had things happen to her, that she hated me for it. I felt alone for the longest time, me and Trini were the only ones each other needed but when I got depressed he was beating her more and there were more scrapes and cuts and she stopped talking to me. Then one night, he beat her so bad that she was barely breathing.” I couldn’t say the next part. Tears were swelling in my eyes. I could feel them coming, till I couldn’t hold them back, “He told me to finish her off … But I couldn’t. I carried her all the way to the hospital. They called Child Protection Agency, and they came and took us from him. No questions asked. Sadly, we got put in different homes, but when she got to college, she searched and searched for me. Then one day, I got an I.M. that stated that I and some person needed to meet up and talk. So I left and found her at the meeting place, and that’s how we got in contact with each other.”

He sat there in quiet… Thinking. “When did your sister start healing after the last incident?”
       “I’m not sure, I think about a week after we got taken away.”
       “And when did your depression decrease?”
       “About the same time. Why?”
       “I know this might be farfetched, but I think that your depression clouded your ability to heal and that’s why the time when she healed was so close to the time you got un-depressed.”
       “That makes no sense.”
       “Just take it into consideration, please. I’m going to go and do some research, bye.” He left.
       Again I was alone.
It had been two solid months since I left… was taken away from my nice, normal life, and brought into one of running away, and never having a home, and never knowing what my next stop would be. Even with all of that and the doom and gloom of my father trailing not far behind, I felt safe. Darion and I had many-a-talks, and long nights. I started to believe more and more that he was the brother that was meant to be mine with every secret I told him. I felt privileged to know his secrets, things he had never devouged to anyone before. Darion was nice, gentile, comforting, and sweet, but most of all he was safe. His pure essence was safety, how he could have ever been the bad guy was beyond me.
       “Hey Darion?”
       “Um, what brought you to work with my father?”
       He looked down. ”Not with, for.”
       “Sorry, for.”
       “He has my daughter.”
       I gasped, “Oh I, I didn’t know.”
       “It’s alright.” He spoke softly.
       “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but then why did you run with me?”
       “There is no way that he hasn’t done anything to her, and I just wouldn’t be able to look at her the same”
       I got closer to him and slid my hand down the side of his face. His face was hot against my ice cold skin. “We will save her, okay.”
       He glanced up at me, eyes glazed over by tears, I could sense was coming on, and in just a few seconds I found that my feeling had been right. Tears flowed like rivers from his eyes.
       “Thanks for trying to help, but there is no way that I am going to let you get that close to your father.”
       I put my arm around his stomach and nuzzled my head between his chin and chest.
       “You know, you’re a weird man.” I smiled and looked up at him. In return he looked at me. “You’re soft and fragile, and yet you’re strong, stable, and dependable. You’re also the sweetest man I have ever met.
       He smiled ever so slightly, and put his arms around my waist and kissed the top of my head, as my head found its way between his chin and chest.
       “Yes, when you put it that way, I suppose I am a peculiar man, but you are peculiar, too!”
       “What? How?”
       He chuckled. “Because with all you have been through, you still love life and you still have a very funny air around you, and you are one the most humanized vampires I ever met, and you make me smile even when I want to stay sad. Most of all you have an uncanny ability to make me forget that you’re even a vampire, like when I’m around you, titles don’t mean anything. I’m just Darion, and you’re just Yasmin.”
       I smiled, squeezed him tighter, and as I could feel him slide down from his sitting position, and into a sleeping one. I hadn’t noticed, but I too was sliding down. I didn’t care, he was warm, and cozy, and it was nice. My smile slowly faded, as a realization became extremely clear to me, he was right, being with him made me forget what he was. He was a vampire, incapable of being warm, for no blood circulated to make them warm. So the only conclusion is that he’s not a vampire.
       “What… What are you?
       I shot out of bed at what sounded like a gun shot. I ran through the house to the front door, just as another shot rang out. I came to a halting stop as I saw mikes body go limp, and fall, lifeless, next to Darion body. I felt my legs go weak and my stomach turn as I ran over to Darion. I knelt down and held him in my arms. Then through tear filled eyes I saw it. A clean, straight cut right through the center of his forehead. I sobbed cradling him, as he had done to me. My light touch caressing his face. Then it became clear that the other body next to his was mikes, and I recalled seeing him die; there in front of me. I grabbed mikes hand, and held it ever so tightly. I closed my eyes, hoping and praying that they would both come back to me. Then a swift tug pulled me from the cottage to a black car. I was thrown in the back like useless luggage. When the door closed I got up, and looked around. There were bars separating the back from the front. The car was clean, either it was never driven or it was a rental. I decided the rental was more probable. All I had now to do was sit back and look out the window. Waiting to see where the destination of this journey would be was devastating. After being on the run and living life by the moment I wasn’t so fond of an idea that involved me waiting, helplessly. The day was bright, the birds chirped on, and no one had even seemed to care that my “brother” and good friend had just died. The world was cruel. How could someone die and everything go on so unaffected by the loss? I felt a sleep overcome me as I drifted into a dream world of my choosing. Suddenly I opened my eyes and I saw him. His smile, warm and inviting. I embraced him and I cried.
       “How could you?”
       “What do you mean?”
       “How could you just die on me like that?”
       “What are you talking about I’m right here, silly.”
       “You’re not really here! Your dead, I saw you and Mike dead!”
       Just then the jolt of the car stopping so abruptly shot me to the floor and awoke me from my dream. Then a few door slams later I heard a faint voice, slowly my car door opened.
       “Hello sister.” Spoke the soft flowing voice of my older sister, Trini.

“Hello Trini.” I said sweetly.
       “Come with me Mina.”
       I slowly got out of the car. I looked at her up and down horrified. She had a broken arm, a black eye, and not one part of her body wasn’t covered in purplish yellow bruises. She noticed my glance.
       “Don’t worry none of it hurts.” She said in an almost childish voice.
       “Whe…whe…” I was at a loss for words.
       “Follow me.” She grabbed my hand and led me to a room with dolls, frilly pillows, and Barbie bed sheets. It looked like a child’s room.
       “This is my room here.” She flopped on her bed and smiled. She patted the bed urging me to sit down beside her. Just as I almost reached the bed a little girl about five climbed onto my spot and looked at me blankly.
       “Sorry, did I forget to introduce you two?”
       “Um, yeah you kinda did.”
       “Well Yasmin this is Sophie, and Sophie this is Yasmin.” A short silence was broke when I spoke.
       “Hello Sophie, nice to meet you.” Then there was more eerie silence. That was broken after Trini rubbed Sophie’s head.
       “What do you say Sophie?” More silence.
       “Hello.” Sophie spoke. Her gaze was cold, solid, empty, and almost robot like.
       I smiled though. “May I sit by you?” and without saying anything and without adverting her gaze, she flopped her whole body over the spot I had just asked to sit.
       “I’ll take that as a no?” I smiled and sat on the floor. Her eyes got bigger; she stood on the bed, jumped off, and on to me. Clawing, biting, kicking, hitting, and punching as hard and as fast as she could. Then Trini pulled her off of me. Even with her flailing, kicking, and screaming. I looked in terror at all of the furry in such a little girl. Trini set her down and looked at her… just looked at her! Then the child slapped her in the face, and ran off crying into the hidey-hole that I hadn’t noticed when I first walked into the room. I could still hear her sobbing and crying.
       “Is that Darion’s daughter?”
       Astonished Trini spoke. “You know Darion?”
       “Oh than I assume you know who Sophie’s parents are.”
       “Well Darion is her father… but now that I think about it he never did talk about her mother.”
       “And what exactly do you know about him?”
       “Well he is a father, and he hated his. His mother lives in Wooster Ohio.” I sat there and rattled off all of the things I could remember from our numerous night when all there was to do was stay up and talk. Then I came to one thing I thought might have been a dream, but I wasn’t sure. ”He’s… he’s not a vampire.” She seemed to be surprised when I said that.
       “Did he tell you all that?”
       “Well… yeah, except for the not a vampire part. I kinda figured that out myself.”
       “Well he wasn’t lying he is a vampire.”
       “What! How is he warm then? Vampires can’t be warm!
       “This may surprise you, but he is both.”
       “Both? Both what?”
       “Darion is a vampire and a werewolf.”
“How? How is that possible? Werewolves are our mortal enemies! Also how can you be both? Can you be born with it? Is that how he’s both? Is his father a werewolf, and that’s why he hates him so much?
       “Whoa, whoa slow down!”
       “No! You have to tell me everything! Start from the start!”
       “Damn humans! You would have learned all of this already if only you had gone to a vampire school.” Hearing a cuss word coming from her agile, gentile, childlike voice was odd and a little unnerving.
       “Fine, I will tell you everything, but you have to be quite, and not say a word until I’m done. Okay?” She was back to her soft sensitive self again.
       “Alright I swear I will.”
       “I’m not just a vampire; I’m also a werewolf.”
       “Wha... you.”
       “Shut up! You swore you would!” I grew quiet. “My mother fell in love with a wolvish, a mix of a human, and a wolf. I was born a wolf though because of how strong my father’s genes were. That’s why I look nothing like you. When the wolf man died my mother fell in love with your father then you were born a full blood vampire. Now let me explain something werewolves have the ability to quickly heal themselves. Also the wolf and vampire abilities are not unnatural circumstances. We are humans with mystical powers that’s all. So with sex you can transfer some powers. So our mother had wolvish powers, and that can be transferred by birth. So you are not a werewolf, but the healing you have come from that minuscule wolf in you. So you have another power you have yet to unlock, and that is your vampire power. Now why you look so human I’m not sure, but I think it has something to do with your locked up vampire power.”
       “Okay, so why is Darion warm if he really is a vampire?”
       “Because he had sex with a werewolf, and he now has some of those attributes.”
       “Does that mean Sophie is a small part wolf?”
       “Yes. So do you know who the mother is yet?”
       “…I’m her mom.”
Silence fell on the room, as I tried to let everything sink in.
       “So…so your Sophie’s mother?”
       “And Darion is my brother in law?”
       “And I’m Sophie’s aunt?”
       I sat there for longer still unable to let even the words I had just said sink in.
       “Are you still alive, over there?’ Just as I was about to answer Sophie came running out of her room.
       “Mommy! I want daddy!”
       “I know baby, so do I.”
       Then I cut in. “Um, Trini can I talk to you in private?”
       “Sure, but why?”
       “There’s something about Darion that I need to tell you.”
       Trini began getting up off of the bed. Sophie, who had been clinging to Trini’s leg the whole time glaring a deathly glare that shot chills down my spine. How could one little girl scare me so much?
       “Sophie, please let go, mommy needs to talk to Aunt Mina.”
       Sophie sadly let go, but calmly lay on her mother’s bed patiently waited for her mother to return to her.
       Trini and I stepped into the hall.
       “Well Darion… he is… is…” I could feel the tears starting to form in my eyes.
       “Will you just spit it out!” At first she sounded mad but after further hesitation on my part. I could sense that she was becoming uncharacteristically worried.
       “What… what happened Mina? What happened to Darion?”
       I began to sob, and through sobs, I dreadfully, finally spoke up. “I… was… and POW…run…gone…mike…hand…brother…” I finally broke out of my restrained mind and gave into the tears. I jumped into Trini’s arms and bawled my eyes out. I fell to my knees and just cried. Trini picked me up and laid me on her bed. Obviously Sophie had moved. Trini rubbed my leg, ever so gently. Suddenly reminding me of the old days when Trini got beat and she never cried but I had. That memory made me cry harder. It hadn’t taken long till I cried myself into a peaceful dream.

I awoke back in the cabin bed. The aroma of a sweet something wafted through the house. I lay there letting it soak in. suddenly, I recalled the scent, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of when the last time I had smelled it. Putting that aside, I focused on my predicament. When I fell asleep, I was with my sister, and now I’m back in the cabin Darion and I had been in. Darion! That’s right! He was dead! I got up and ran to the door where he had been shot. Phew, no Darion, no blood, and as far as I could tell, no bullet. I opened the door, and sat on the floor right in the spot he had been shot. Well, I thought he had been shot. Well of course he had been shot. I saw it for myself, no doubt about it he had been shot! Great! I was talking to myself now! I leaned back on my hands, basking in the sun, letting its warm, bright, inviting rays soak into my skin and let my body relax. A cool spring breeze blew through the screen door, tossing the hair that had rested on my shoulders to my back, where they finally rested after the wind ceased blowing. I smelled it again, the sweet aroma of whatever was cooking in the kitchen. Oh, the smell. It was entrancing, and I got lost in my memories of my childhood, of my mother, of eating her buttermilk and honey pancakes, outside at nine, on a warm, spring morning, and not having a care in the world. After we ate, Trini and I would run from bees, that mom always said loved us more than honey. Outside activities would go on all day, until mother would call us in for supper. Trini and I would always complain about going in but we loved moms cooking. The family would gather round the table, say a prayer, then eat and converse about our day. Father usually had something to say about how his job went, and mother would comment on how he is the only man she knows who would never get mad at any of his clients. Trini or I would always intervene with a comment on the things we had learned, the things we saw and the things we did. When the food was ate and the dishes were washed, mother would tell us it was time for bed. Trini being the master mind she was, would come up with some excuse of why she was afraid of the dark. Mother, of course, would give in, and take us outside and we would jump around in our night cloths with our jars and catch an outstanding number of fireflies. When we grew tired we would go inside, and mother would tell us that we needed our sleep. We would protest, but climb into bed anyway. Mother would end the night with a story and a kiss. Mother was dead though, and the years after that memory couldn’t compare in anyway. I stepped out of my day dream, and strolled into the kitchen to see who was cooking. To my instant surprise, I saw my father!
       “Hello, my sweet Mina.”
“Dad? What are you doing here?”
       “What's it look like, I’m cooking for my darling daughter.”
       “Where’s Trini and Sophi?”
       “They’re at the house.”
       I hesitated but finally asked the question.
       “Why are you here?”
       He dodged the question and grabbed a plate full of pancakes.
       “Do you want some, honey? They’re your favorite honey pancakes your mother used to make.”
       “Fine, fine, I’m here ‘cause I want you my child. You have been running, but I have you now.”
       “What… What do you want from me?”
       “I want you to give me a grandchild that is truly mine. So I have arranged for suitors to meet you here.”
       “What about Darion and Mike?”
       “Ah, yes, Darion was the most likely for your suitor and he was my first pick, but then he thought he had to have you for himself. So I had to kill him. We can’t have greedy people in my firm.”
       “So you just killed him? And what about Mike?”
       Then a voice from by the door suddenly answered my question.
       “I’m right here.”
       My eyes flew in the direction I heard the voice. Mike came strolling in like he had never been shot.
       “What about you’re… chest? You were shot, I know you were. I saw you die.”
       “Yes, and you laid there and held my hand.”
       “But how… how… how is that possible?”
       “You see, with your father in charge anything is possible.”
       My father looked at me in surprise. “Of course sweety, anything for you.”
       “Then bring Trini and Sophi here.”
       “Okay, I will. How about you and Mike try to get aquatinted, I mean, he is your husband after all. This means you will have this big cabin all to yourselves for a few hours.”
       “What, what do you mean hus…” He shut the door before I had time to finish.
       “Seems were all alone, darling.”
       I turned around slowly. Awe, Hell!
It seemed like hours had passed, when in truth it was only a few minutes.
       “So do you want to go back to the bedroom with me?”
       “Ha! In your dreams!”
       He seemed to hesitate, then picked me up marriage style. “Fine, then I’ll just have to carry you.” He spoke playfully.
       “Will you stop! And put me down!” I was flailing my arms and legs as much as I could.
       “Just stop. Chill out. Calm down!” I didn’t though, and I could tell his patience for me was wearing thinner and thinner with every movement I made.
       His face quickly transitioned from annoyed to pissed. “Stop!!” He spoke in a voice so manly my only response was to quit fidgeting and stare intently into his sapphire colored eyes. Eyes that until now I had never really seen. His beautiful eyes, they seemed to draw me in, they were so romantic. They had a caring look on them. They contradicted his whole facial expression. Then, just like that, his whole demeanor was soft again.
       “I really wish I wouldn’t have to do that.” He smiled a smile that could have won over any straight man’s heart. I just sat there in his arms as he looked away and began walking. After a few moments he looked down at me and smiled once more. “Here we are.” He gently set me on my feet.
       I hadn’t noticed it before but we were outside and it was a bright sunny day. I looked all around at the beauty. Then my eyes stumbled upon a small blue blanket with a basket on it. I quickly turned my head and looked at him. The impossible happened, his smile grew. We sat there together, telling stories, and eating little sandwiches, and drinking strawberry wine. It’s hard to believe, but it was the best day I had had in a while. Even if it was with Mike.

I awoke from the most peaceful sleep that I could remember. When did I fall asleep though? Last night! Last night I blacked out! That was before I went to bed, so as one can imagine the time frame between now and then is a little clouded. I rolled over in bed and my face met Mike’s. I stared at him. At first I had thought about jumping out of bed and screaming what exactly did he think he was doing, but after laying there I decided against it. I stayed there just soaking in all of the features I had not noticed before. His perfect teeth, that looked like he had never had a reason to go to the dentist. His hair was a soft brown that wasn’t really short or long. I smiled as he slightly shifted. He looked so sweet and gentile and I wished that life could stay like this. I knew it couldn’t though. In response to the thought I frowned.
       “You really should smile.” His eyes opened to my astonished face. He let out a small laugh.
       “How long have you been awake?” I asked with an astonished tone in my voice.
       “Long enough.” He smiled, then stood up.
       I quickly looked to the floor as my eyes grew big. You see when he had been laying in the bed, I hadn’t noticed that he was wearing only his boxers.
       “I was telling the truth, you know. You do look a lot better when you smile.” He paused, assumedly turning around. “What? Do you not like them?”  He said with a chuckle.
       “No, no, not at all! That’s not it!” I said nervously.
       “Then why aren’t you looking at me??”
       “Oh, I’m just looking at this bug over here on the floo…” I stopped in my tracks and turned my head in time to meet his face and feel the heat of his eyes staring into mine, inches from each other’s. As we looked into each other’s eyes, and my heart thudded faster and faster, as my mind tried to grasp what I was feeling. Then it was there, I was falling in love with him, and then we were body’s inches from one another. Then in a second that moment was gone, as my father burst in.
“Mike are you in here?” He saw Mike and I and then his eyes seemed to be glued to the floor. “Oh, well, it seems you are… I’m just going to go now.” He left.
       Mike and I looked at each other sympathetically then reluctantly got up. For the first time that morning I realized several things. The window was open, there were birds chirping in the warm glow of the sun, and a cool little breeze was flowing through the window. Also that I was in my under cloths as well. What exactly had happened last night? Did I have my first time? NO! No, my first time couldn’t be while I was blacked out and had no control over my body! For all I know, I could have seduced Mike last night, provoking his teen hormones, and going all the way. What if I was no longer a virgin? What if I was pregnant? What if the look in his eye this morning was because we… we…
       “Mike, what exactly happened last night?”
       He looked at me with big, surprised eyes. “You mean you don’t remember?” There it was! We did have sex!
       I spoke aloud what I thought my brain clearly would understand I didn’t want Mike knowing.
       “I wanted to have sex with him, but now I’m going to be pregnant and I can’t even remember its conception night!” By that time I was on the floor, hands up to my face, crying.
       Mike walked over to me and put his arm around me and pulled my body closer to his. Then, to my surprise he… laughed. His laugh filled the room with joy and made me want to laugh too, but I was too stunned to do anything other than just sit there with a stupid confused, awe struck look. When he finally stopped he looked at me and smiled. Then finally spoke.
       “We didn’t have sex last night.” His smile grew larger, as he tried to contain his laughter. “But it’s nice to know you would have been willing to.”
       I ignored his last comment, realizing I had said that thought aloud. “So then what happened?” I looked at him then to me.
       He laughed a small laugh. “You had a seizure. Scared me to death.”
       “So why am I in my under wear?”
       “You were sweating so profusely that I had to open a window. When that didn’t work I tried to cool you off as best I could so I took off all your cloths… well, most of them. Then I laid you down, you were fine, you stopped sweating even. So then I got ready to go to bed and changed into my boxers. When I came back to check on you and make sure you were fine, you were shaking like crazy. So I laid down and tried to hold your body and make it stop. After about ten minutes you stopped, but then… I must admit it felt nice laying there with you listening to the crickets chirp and the soft, pale moon shown down on you, giving you a glowing look. It was mystical and… beautiful.”
       I got up and smiled at him, then held out my hand. “Come on.”
       “Don’t you want to hear the rest?” He grabbed my hand and pulled himself up.
       “No, I believe you, and I don’t care what else happened.” I smiled at him.
       He stood up and we both got dressed and strode out into the living room with our hand clasped together.

“Why hello. It’s nice to see you two. Fully dressed at least.”
       “Hello, I’m here now, what is it that you wanted to see me about earlier?”
       “Well it’s about…” Before he could finish his sentence I cut him off.
       “Hold on!”
       Mike was the first one to speak. “What is it?” He looked at me so contently.
       “Mike can you please leave for a moment? I need to talk to my father.”
       “Can’t it wait for later?”
       I shot him a look that told him he better do as I said and not challenge my authority. I have never given him a reason to fear me so my gaze must have been pretty intense, because he only spoke one more thing then left.” Apparently it can’t. Well I’ll be waiting outside.’
       When I heard the door close I finally spoke. “Dad we need to talk!”
       “Okay, fire away.”
       “What do you want me for? Tell the truth not that stupid crap you said the other day about wanting a grandchild.”
       “But that was the truth! I want you to give me a grandchild that is my own blood.”
       “What about Sophie, huh?”
       His face grew hard. “That little brat is not my granddaughter! Catarina is not my daughter, and Sophie is not my granddaughter!” By this time he was yelling. After a few moments of an intense stare down his face lightened “You are the only daughter I have! And I want to give you the best life possible.”
       “Why, why then? Why did you hit me too? If I’m so damn special why was I hit too? And news flash you son of a bitch my life was a living hell because of you! The best thing that has ever happened to me was being taken away from you!”
       He ignored my outburst. ”The reason I hit you was because you kept healing her.”
       “Well yeah, she is my sister. Not that that would mean a damn thing to you!”
       “My dear I wanted you to know that you’re the only one I loved and wanted in my life since your mother died.”
       “Well your message didn’t get across!”
       “I’m sorry darling, I meant to show you, but somebody thought they had to take their sister to the hospital, and get themselves taken away.”
       “I wasn’t going to just let her die! Surly you didn’t think I was that demented!”
       “You would have made your father proud.”
       “All my childhood I tried so hard to impress you. Turns out I did everything except the one thing that would make you proud. And all it took was to murder the most important thing in my life, my only reason to go on living. I’m glad I stopped giving a damn what the hell you thought, and realized that you would never be proud of me.”
       “I am proud of you now.”
       “I’m sure you are. Your little girl is falling in love with the boy you dictated her to be with, and your other little girl has grown up to be a sexy young women, and is now your own personal sex slave and punching bag!”
       “I wouldn’t have sex with your sister if my life depended on it! I wouldn’t lower myself to such standards! Plus…”
       “You could never reach her standards!”
       “Oh contraire I have seen her standards and I can not only meet her standards I can exceed them. Anyway, your sister is no longer in my possession. That’s what I wanted to tell Mike.”
       Suddenly Mike came around the corner. “What? Where did she go?”
       I looked over at mike, surprised to see him. Then realized he must have been listening. Who cares that just means he knows how harsh I can be.
       “I went to go get her like Yasmin wished and when I got there the guard said she snuck out.”
       “To where? Do you even know?”
       “I’m afraid not.”
       “Damn it you swore you would protect her if I worked for you! Are you aware this is in direct violation of our contract?”
       “Yes I am aware.”
       “Then I would assume you would know that I’m relieving myself of my duties.”
       “I do.”
       “God damn it!” That was the last thing he screamed as he stormed out of the cabin.
       “I hope your proud now! You just stole everything important to me! You will pay! I swear I will grab the biggest knife I can find, cut huge gashes in every single inch of your body. Then I will let them heal. After that I will tear open every single scar one by one with my own bare hands! Just like you did over and over to my heart. Then I will beat you within an inch of your life, like you did to Trini! Then I will bring you back as slowly and painfully as possible! Once your back I will nurse you back to perfect health, each day reminding you that your demise is coming. Only I won’t tell you when that day is so that you slowly go crazy, just like mom did. Then one day when I see it fit I will throw you alive into a burning inferno just so I can see exactly what the rest of your existence is going to look like. Then once your finally dead I will take joy and pleasure in knowing that there is a Satan just waiting to take you in, and he will take as much pleasure as I do seeing you in such agonizing pain.” My father had fallen to the floor, and looked up at me with a horrified look on his face.
       “You… you wouldn’t do that! You’re not that kind of person.”
       I got right in his face so I could look him in the eye. “Do you really want to challenge me? And who says I’m not! I am your flesh and blood aren’t I? That means I can do whatever I perceive as “necessary”.” I got up. “But as for now I have a life to live, people to love and better things to do then stay and talk to you.” I began to walk away, but as I reached the door way I turned back. “Live your life. Make amends, or don’t. It really doesn’t matter to me, but don’t ever forget your time is coming with every passing second. So I would finish that bucket list now before there is no time left to get them done. Oh yeah if there is anything on that bucket list that has to do with Trini or I, I would cross it off… that is unless you want to meet you demise earlier than truly needed.” I began walking away again as I spoke. “Oh yeah, have a good life while you still can… dad.”

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