Don Yarber Don Yarber
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how do drops of golden sun fall in the darkness of night?

Dazzy Blue Dazzy Blue
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Good question it would have to be golden drops of moon light

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Dazzy Blue Dazzy Blue
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Midnight Dance

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soul mates

Drops of golden sun fall
as she stands in the darkness of night
Does she see it ?
Does it give her the light?
Surrounded by people but do they
even see her at all. 2 comments

A soul calls out to the one that will hear
She is not lost just simply enjoying the ride
Nature’s innocence, beauty abounds
Man’s passion, barriers surround
She dances to her own drum
Go away or join in the fun.

Echoes of warnings
you should play by the rules.
Break out of the mold.
They all seem like fools

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