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Sylvia Bicki Sylvia Bicki
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Rosie Dreamer

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soul mates

To all of you who loved a dog. In memory of Rosie Dreamer my little toy fox terrier

      Rosie Dreamer
March 28, 1996 – July 8, 2010

She came into my life
A two pound little pup
Not in my bed she’d sleep!
Oh the weary night she pined
Into my arms she came
And then……
Not another peep

That’s when I lost my heart
She grew and I knew
Each night, by my feet
Under sheets she would be

Let me tell you more
About my old Rosie girl
How her fourteen years
Passed in a whirl

Young and she was playful
Pulled socks from my toes
I put her in my pocket
A shopping we would go
Ears perked, upon my lap
While driving on a lark
At “our” park and you  know?
Every rabbit she would bark
When I was in the tub
Reading a magazine
Up she’d jump to swat it
Peskiest critter ever seen

But….somewhere in-between

My little faithful friend
I should have known
I was her world
She grew so very old
No longer bounding bold

I carried her out
I carried her in
She hobbled about now
She could not see
So my eyes were her eyes
But oh they did so grieve

I had to travel far away
She faded on that very day
She had comforted me
All through my sorrows
I believed she would be here
For more of our tomorrows

We will meet again
My little faithful friend.

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