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I like the way you presented this!

Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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Say no to the dirty old tramp for a dollar and yes to a clean shaven con man with half our savings

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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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The Word 'no'

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soul mates

This poem is about  not being afraid to tell people 'no' instead of yes all the time.

Nobody seems to know, what the word 'no' means, when we say no, we mean no but sometimes we are pushed into saying yes to do them when we mean no, or when a friend asks for a favour, at first we say no then the word no turns into yes, ok then since I have a car, I will drive to town and get you some meat from Walter Smiths, really you think to yourself, why don't you go to Walter Smiths yourself you lazy bones.

Sometimes you feel pressured into saying yes, when you really mean no, kids will be kids, and when they want certain things, like a new pair of trainers, they will do anything to wear you down from no to yes, so it's important when you say no, you mean no, because once you soften down they are higher and you are lower than them. Thats why you need to pull that sort of face, so when your child asks for a bike or something by looking at your facial expression, they know they are gonna get a no, even before they ask you the question. 1 comment

We as people should never ever back down, once we make a decision, never ever go back on our word, once we say no to someone like a old dirty tramp, who keeps asking for one pound everytime he sees me, to buy some food from the shop, I will never hesitate in telling him no, but that moment of weakness at anytime, he will feel he is getting closer to getting the pound. So the best thing to do in this situation, is to tell it how it is, by saying no and walking away. 1 comment

No is no, so don't let people dictate to you or tell you otherwise, if they think that you are unreasable, then tell them where to go, because when people ask for a favour or for certain things we as human beings want to tell people 'no' but we don't want to hurt there feelings by telling the truth, we as people feel we have to say yes, when really we want to say no.

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