Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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This is a great stanza.

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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MIss You

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You went away,  where did you go?
I don’t need to know just come home.
The garden’s wild, the flowers gone,
the track is overgrown.
I haven’t smiled in a year
and  all I  hear are echoes from my heart.
I miss you like the sky would miss the stars

The days are dark, mean and grey.
I’v never seen so much rain.
Maybe it’s only in my mind
But it feels just like pain.
The dogs look for you, they wait at the door,
howling every night.
We need you like  shadows need  light

I tell myself “Don’t count the days
or weep for the loss.
Say your prayers and go to sleep and
dream of moments lost."

Time flies at the speed of light,
we don’t hold it til it’s gone,
when it’s too late to make amends
for things I got wrong. 1 comment

You went away and took the sun,
leaving  nothing  for me.
So I wrote a lonely song
and stirred up memories.
Give me a dime for every tear,
I’ll be a millionaire,  but that won’t solve a thing.
I miss you like a sparrow would miss her wings.

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